Uganda demographic health survey 2006


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August 2007
xxxi, 465 p

The 2006 Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (UDHS) is a nationally representative survey of 8,531 women age 15-49 years and 2,503 men age 15-54 years and is the first such survey to cover the entire country. The primary purpose of the UDHS is to furnish policymakers and planners with detailed information on fertility; family planning; infant, child, adult, and maternal mortality; maternal and child health; nutrition; and knowledge of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. In addition, in one in three households selected for the survey, women age 15-49, men age 15-54, and children under age 5 years were weighed and their height was measured to assess their nutritional status. Women, men, and children age 6-59 months, in this subset of households were also tested for anemia, and in addition the women and children were tested for vitamin A deficiency. In addition to the main report, the key findings, a preliminary report, a wall chart and fact sheet are also available online

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