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Infertility : why can’t we classify this inability as disability?

SINGH, Satendra

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"Disability is a complex phenomenon. It reflects an interaction between features of a person's body and features of the society in which he or she lives. International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), lays stress on the functional as well as the structural problem of a person. All the definitions of disability also include the disorders of the reproductive and endocrine system. So infertility and impotency should also be included in the category of disability. It affects the participation in areas of life and can have a disabling affect on an individual"
Australian Medical Journal, Vol 5, No 6

Lymphatic filariasis disability prevention for field managers : workshop proceedings

et al

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This workshop report presents the proceedings from a three day lymphatic filariasis disability prevention workshop in Ghana. The workshop aimed to offer a knowledge exchange among disability prevention workers in lymphoedema management from Africa, Asia and the United States, and to provide an opportunity for exploring a more integrated public health approach to prevention of disability due to lymphatic filariasis and other chronic diseases affecting the lower limbs (i.e. diabetes, leprosy, Buruli ulcer). A CD-Rom with power point presentations accompanies this report
Lymphatic Filariasis Disability Prevention Workshop for Field Managers
Noguchi Institute, Ghana
10-12 July 2007

The working group on the integration of wound-lymphedema management across diseases in resource-poor settings

et al

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This meeting report presents the interventions, conclusions and recommendations made by the working group on the integration of wound-lymphedema management across diseases in resource-poor following the lymphatic filariasis disability prevention workshop held in Ghana in 2007
The working group on the integration of wound-lymphedema management across diseases in resource-poor settings
Geneva, Switzerland
September 2007

Disability in development : experiences in inclusive practices


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This book has been developed from an initiative between two organisations specialising in disability and development; Handicap International and Christoffel-Blindenmission. The initiative promotes 'Community Approaches to Handicap in Development (CAHD)'. CAHD is grounded in the social model of disability, using a rights-based approach to promote the inclusion of disability into mainstream development activity. This approach places emphasis on the role of communities in addressing the social and physical barriers faced by people with disabilities. The book describes the positive impact of CAHD projects in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines. A diverse range of partners, in particular people with disabilities, their families and local communities have been actively involved in its publication. The book would be useful for anybody with an interest in development theory, policy and practice

Holistic and interactive communication methods


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This research article examines the strategies and theoretical models of the function of language for improving communication for acquired deafblind people, their family members and interpreters. Different methods and techniques are examined to improve the quality of communication. This resource would be useful for professionals working with people with sensory impairments at community level

Orientation of participatory approaches on community enquiries regarding lymphatic filariasis

September 2004

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This report provides an overview of approaches for participatory community planning and enquiries regarding lymphatic filariasis following a workshop. The goal of this document is for health staff, program planners and program managers working for global elimination of lymphatic filariasis, to have an overview of the approaches for participatory community planning and enquiries. It provides guiding principles on methods that can be utilised and source of ideas for probe or explorations that can be made to comprehend the knowledge, attitudes and practices among the endemic communities towards lymphatic Filariasis ”Workshop on the orientation of participatory approaches on community enquiries regarding lymphatic filariasis
Orissa, India
12-16 April 2004

Towards a common language for functioning, disability and health : ICF the International Classification of functioning, disability and health


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This is the introduction to WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, also known as the Beginner's Guide. It provides an introduction to the ICF and its use. It sets out what the ICF offers to health workers, planners and policy-makers. It also includes a list of organizations,agencies and NGOs who are part of the ICF collaborating network

Multiple disability initiative review : at Dehradun Cheshire Home Northern India


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The management of children with multiple disabilities demands very special training and the Multiple Disability Initiative aimed to do this by running a series of training sessions over a 2 year period. At the end of the 2 years a special workshop was organised to share the experiences of the Dehradun Cheshire Home (DDCH) and also provide some training for staff. It helped DDCH to plan for its future growth and for the continuation of the programme at other homes

Starting to think about education


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This article outlines the timing and means by which parents of children with multiple sensory impairments should plan their education. The article briefly discusses UK education laws and recommends the code of practice as a useful guide for families and service providers


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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