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Disease control priorities in developing countries. 2nd edition. Chapter 2. Intervention cost-effectiveness: overview of main messages.

et al

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Drawing from the collective knowledge and analytical work of the many experts who have contributed to this volume, this chapter provides a broader perspective on the relative efficiency and effect on health of a number of interventions than is possible in a single, condition-specific chapter. The objective is to provide information on the cost-effectiveness estimates for 319 interventions covering nearly every disease condition considered in the volume, and the resulting avertable burden of disease. This chapter provides broad conclusions on the economic efficiency of using these interventions to improve health.


Prevention of blindness and visual impairment


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This site gives information on vision and hearing disabilities, and their prevention worldwide. UN resolutions on the prevention of visual impairment and deafness are available from the site as well as country profiles. E-mail enquiries are invited


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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