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Sexual behaviour in a fishing community on Lake Victoria, Uganda

et al
April 1997

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This study describes the sexual behaviour of men and women in a fishing village on the shores of Lake Victoria in South West Uganda. The village is near a well known trading town truck stop on the main trans Africa highway with a high recorded prevalence of HIV infection. These data show a very high rate of sexual mixing within the village but little contact with people from outside. This suggests that all sexually active men and women in the village are at high risk of STDs including HIV. There is currently no formal health care available in the village. Such communities should be targeted in future STD control programmes

Health communication : lessons from family planning and reproductive health

PIOTROW, Phyllis Tilson
et al

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"Rapid growth of communication media and enhanced understanding of communication processes have enabled the application of systematic communication strategies to programs to improve health behavior. This book, based on the experiences of the Population Communication Services (PCS) of the Center for Communication Programs of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, focuses on the theory and practice of family planning communication. Since 1982, PCS has worked with governments, nongovernmental organizations, and commercial firms in more than 50 developing countries in the design, implementation, and evaluation of family planning communication programs. The book's chapters cover the process of developing communication programs aimed at increasing use of family planning, theoretical models of individual behavioral change that guide program design, each phase of communication program development from research through evaluation, and challenges that lie ahead for reproductive health communication programs in the 21st century. Lessons presented in the book are illustrated with case examples and empirical data from developing countries"