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Interventions to improve the labour market situation of adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities in low and middle-income countries : a systematic review

TIPNEY, Janice
et al
November 2015

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This systematic review analyses the methodology, collection, and results of fourteen individual studies that examined the effectiveness of fifteen different intervention methods to assist students with disabilities in low and middle income countries to improve the labour market situation

Campbell Systematic Reviews 2015:20


A handbook for training of disabled on rural enterprise development

HANKO, Johanne

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This handbook is designed as a guide to empower people with disabilities on rural enterprise development. It is based upon lessons learned from two FAO projects: 'Mushroom production training for disabled people in northeast Thailand' and 'Poverty alleviation throuh market generated rural employment' (better known as 'Success Case Replication (SCR)'). The handbook provides practical methodology, references, check-lists and various training resources for centres, village development workers and self-employment. It would be useful for people and organisations interested in the training of disabled people on rural enterprise development

USAID/Ukraine : country strategic plan for 2003-2007


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This document sets out the goals of USAID strategy in Ukraine for 2003-2007. Although over the last few years economic performance has improved and the political system has stabilised, USAID emphasises the need to consolidate progress and strengthen the economic and political institutions, and civil society. The new strategic objectives include: improved investment climate; accelerated growth of SMEs and agriculture; increased engagement of citizens in promoting a democratic market-orientated state; greater effectiveness and accountability of government institutions; improved social conditions and health status. This document will be of interest to organisations working in USAID funded programmes in Ukraine, and for donors cooperating with USAID

Information and communication technologies and small enterprise in Africa : lessons from Botswana


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The project reported here investigates what role new information and communication technologies (ICTs) may play in small enterprise development in Africa. Drawing on field research in Botswana, the project analyses the information and communication needs of these enterprises and assesses opportunities for ICT application. The authors note that holistic and integrated approaches are necessary for the successful utilisation of ICTs for small businesses in Africa

Grameen Telecom's village phone programme : a multi-media case study

RAMIREZ, Ricardo
HAQ, Moinul
March 2000

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GrameenPhone is a commercial operation providing cellular services in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh, with approximately 40,000 customers. This article describes the company's village phone programme, which is enabling women members of the Grameen Bank's revolving credit system to retail cellular phone services in rural areas. This pilot project currently involves 950 village phones providing telephone access to more than 65,000 people. Village women access micro-credit to acquire digital GSM cellular phones and subsequently re-sell phone calls and phone services within their villages


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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