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Information and communication technologies and broad-based development : a partial review of the evidence

GRACE, Jeremy
KENNY, Charles
QIANG, Christine
et al
February 2004

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This paper reviews some of the evidence for the link between telecommunications and the Internet and economic growth, the likely impact of the new ICTs on income inequality and anecdotal evidence regarding the role of the Internet in improving government services and governance. It looks at methods to maximise access to the new ICTs, and improve their development impact both in promoting income generation and in the provision of quality services. The authors also note that the implementation of ICTs must be part of a broader reform agenda

Providing low-cost ICT access to low-income communities in developing countries : what works? what pays?


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This Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report discusses the potential of and need for telecommunications development in rural areas of low-income countries. It outlines the main challenges, and describes sustainable options. The report also reviews low-cost options and summarizes policies that would support the more rapid diffusion especially telecommunications reform

Information communication technologies, poverty and empowerment

SKUSE, Andrew

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Provides a framework for pro-poor ICT based initiatives, in the context of globalisation and the rights to information and freedom of expression. Discusses 'old' versus new and emerging ICTs, concluding that the lure of technological and infrastructural solutions has tended to divert attention away from ICTs that poor people actually use - but that the convergence of old and new ICT presents opportunities. Suggests that donors should support the private sector and governments in developing pro-poor strategies. Advocates careful strategic planning and judicious use of appropriate media in every communications initiative