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The European journal of development research

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A multi-disciplinary journal that seeks to broaden our understanding of the processes that advance or impede human development, whether from a political, economic, sociological or anthropological perspective
Produced 5 times a year
Rest of World: 448 GBP (institutional) 70 GBP (personal)
Europe: 448 GBP (institutional) / 70 GBP (personal)
US: 740 USD (institutional) 116 USD (personal)

E-access bulletin

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This free monthly e-mail newsletter is about information technology issues for people with visual impairment and blindness. It covers everything from consumer electronics to the Internet, examining design and access issues and technical developments

Journal of EWR and mine action

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This online journal covers a range of topics relevant to the campaign to ban land mines. It features a section on victim and survivor assistance, and allows viewers to search as well as contribute articles
Three times a year
Free online

UNDEF update

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This newsletter highlights news from the fields as well as a selection of readings on related topics
A quarterly publication
Free online

Southern Med review

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ISSN: 11742704
The objective of Southern Med Review is to disseminate commentary and empirical research findings with a view to improve medicine use and access, especially in the Global South.
Free online subscription is available for readers to recieve notification emails of new content

Health policy and planning

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Covers issues in health policy, planning, management and evaluation, and focuses on these issues in the developing world. It is particularly relevant to those working in international health, planning, medical care and public health, but should also have appeal for readers outside the health sector in such fields as social policy and community development
Four times a year
Many articles free online

Environment and urbanization

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Articles in issues more than two years old are available free, online
Institutional (Print & E-access) 323.00 GBP
Institutional (E-access) 291.00 GBP
Institutional (Print Only) 317.00 GBP
Professional Institution (Print & E-access) 65.00 GBP
Individual (Print Only) 41.00 GBP

AIDS treatment news (ATN)

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Reports on experimental and standard treatments for HIV/AIDS and related conditions. Includes interviews with doctors, scientists, other health professionals, and people with with HIV and AIDS. Also contains reports on conferences and meetings

Drum beat

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This regular free email newsletter summarises information included on the Communiation Intitaive's website. Issues are thematic

ICW newsletter

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In ICW News, HIV positive women around the world share their personal stories, connect across national boundaries and share information. The newsletter reports on important developments around HIV/AIDS at national and international levels.
Three times a year
Print: free to women living with HIV who are unable to afford subscription
Free online
ICW also produce an e-newsletter twice a year

Global network for people living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+)

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This is the website of the Global Network for and by living with people with HIV and AIDS. The network's aim is to work to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS through helping to strengthen their capacity at global, regional and national levels

The European coalition of positive people (ECPP)

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This is the website of a self-help organisation of, by and for people living with HIV and AIDS and hepatitis C, working in Europe, Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda to promote patient involvement in the development of public policy, delivery and monitoring of services

Disability rights international


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Disability Rights International aims to protect the rights of people with mental disabilities through awareness raising of living conditions for children and adults with disabilities and through advocating for legislation to protect their rights. This website would be useful to people with an interest in human rights, legal reform, disability and development

Oslo conference on disability and conflicts in emergency


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This resource presents information about an international conference on disability in conflicts and emergencies which focused upon meeting the needs of vulnerable and disabled people in humanitarian situations. It features a summary from the chair of the conference, participant interviews, and conference presentations. This website would be useful to those who work with disabled and vulnerable people in conflict and disasters situations
"Reaching the most Vulnerable" Conference
Oslo, Sweden
30-31 May 2011

The mental health foundation


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The Mental Health Foundation is a mental health research, policy and service improvement organisation. This website features detailed mental health resources through their A-Z information on mental health problems, issues, treatments and options. Links to their publications, newsletter, podcasts, news archieve and blog are provided. This website is useful for people interested in mental health in the UK