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Training in the community for people with disabilities

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This set of 33 manuals is a key training resource for CBR trainers and workers trying to improve the quality of life of disabled people living in developing countries. The manuals present the WHO model of CBR, comprised of a system of 'local supervisors' and a 'community rehabilitation committee'. The manuals address disabled people, school-teachers and families. They cover rehabilitation activities for all types of impairment, as well as training on cross-impairment issues such as breastfeeding, play, schooling, social integration and job placement

National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

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The role of NICE is to provide patients, health professionals and the public with authoritative, robust and reliable guidance on current best practice. The guidance covers individual health technologies (including medicines, medical devices, diagnostic techniques, and procedures) and the clinical management of specific conditions. Although the guidelines are very UK focused they have been useful as a basis for work in developing countries

Population and health infoshare


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Population and Health InfoShare is an electronic library of material submitted by over 100 partner organisations. It features documents in reproductive and child health, HIV/AIDS, population and related areas. The primary objectives of PH InfoShare are to increase access to important population and health information; provide a means for organisations to share and exchange information; and foster greater dissemination of research findings and lessons learned. For users, PH InfoShare affords easy access to population and health material. Users may access documents by visiting the website or by sending requests via e-mail. Additionally, users may subscribe to e-mail updates, specifying the material they want to receive by topic, region, and partner, or can email themselves documents that they have identified through searching the website. The search facility allows users to select a topic, language, region/country and partner organisation from drop-down lists

NGO manager : management tools and information for nonprofits worldwide

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The NGO Manager website provides a selection of management tools and key articles which are available on the internet free of charge. The NGO Manager E-Library contains links to more than 300 commented publications. Covers all aspects of programme and NGO management, including organisational development, performance management, financial management, human resources, communication and marketing

Managing a non profit : a guide for NGO managers

IVOM, Damian O

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The aim of the guide is to help develop the capacity of NGOs by critically analysing thematic areas with examples for effective NGO management in developing countries, especially Africa, thereby making them become accountable to the community they serve, the government and the funding agencies

The management link

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A free, quarterly electronic newsletter for busy health managers around the world. Each issue features current topics in a particular management area. The sources are written materials and conversations with managers and consultants who are practising in the field, including readers. A list of resources focusing on the topic covered in each issue is also provided to allow readers to learn more. All the resources on the list are available by e-mail or on the Internet. Subcribers are given an opportunity to send their comments for possible inclusion in future issues.
To subscribe to the newsletter, send an e-mail to: Leave the subject line blank and do not include a signature.
In your message text, type the appropriate command for the language you wish to receive:
English - SUBSCRIBE MANAGEMENT-LINK Firstname Lastname
French - SUBSCRIBE MANAGER-BRANCHE Firstname Lastname

ILO global business and disability network


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The ILO Global Business and Disability Network is a network of multinational entreprises, employers' organizations, business networks and disabled persons' organizations who share the conviction that people with disabilities have talents and skills that can enhance virtually any business. The Network wishes to foster the development of a workforce culture that is respectful and inclusive; promoting the hiring, retention and professional development of people with disabilities. The Network's mission is to raise business awareness about the positive relationship between the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and business success. We serve companies of all sizes and markets by encouraging knowledge-sharing and joint activities thus building disability expertise, facilitating the development of national networks and promoting the business and human rights cases for disability inclusion in the workplace.

Making sure money in the world is used in the right way for people with disabilities


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An easy to read document outlining the strategy for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the development agenda of the International Conference on Financing for Development regarding the discussions and allocation of funds. A helpful glossary is provided for key terms on the final page

Towards financial self-reliance : a handbook on resource mobilisation for civil society organisations in the south : introduction


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The resource provides the introductory chapter of a "manual for the use of trainers of facilitators who want to manage a four-day course in ‘Resource Mobilization for Civil Society Organizations in the South’. This Manual provides the core text of the handbook, plus suggestions for how each section of the course can be presented. It contains the hard copy to be made into overheads to assist the facilitator in his/her work. It also contains copies of all the handouts ready for photocopying. Finally, it provides suggestions for the exercises to be used in the course”

ICF education


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A web portal for the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) education materials. The portal is for sharing resources as well as for finding materials, and resources are available in a variety of languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Finnish

INCLUDE: A Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) learning community

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INCLUDE is an online learning community for community-based rehabilitation (CBR) that aims to inform and support CBR managers and interested stakeholders around the world.

It is an online programme that guides the user through different information modules based on the Community-based rehabilitation guidelines: health, education, livelihood, social and empowerment.

INCLUDE also provides tools to assist users to reflect on their own thoughts and experiences, and case studies that show CBR in action. INCLUDE allows the user to develop an action plan around management and the five components and corresponding elements of the CBR matrix.

These action plans can be stored and built on over time, and shared with others in the CBR community.