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CBR policy development and implementation


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This book provides an overview of current community-based rehabilitation (CBR) knowledge and shows how this information has been interpreted and implemented in the African context. It has been developed from conference presentations and discussions that took place in South Africa in 2007. It is useful for people interested in general CBR information and CBR in Africa

Infrastructure for all : meeting the needs of both men and women in development projects|A practical guide for engineers, technicians and project managers

REED, Brian
et al

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This book provides information to help engineers, technicians and project managers ensure that the facilities they design and build are beneficial to all members of society. Using examples, especially related to water and sanitation, the book highlights the need for social analysis and gender analysis to improve the design, implementation and use of infrastructure. It would be useful for engineers, technicians and project managers interested in infrastructure development in low- and middle-income countries

How to build a good small NGO

ALIN, Fadumo
et al

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A user-friendly and practical guide on how to build and run a small non-governmental organisation (NGO). This manual aims to build good practice into NGOs, and to help recognise, address and solve a range of problems. The manual covers all key aspects of running a small organisation, including identifying mission and purpose, planning, getting legal status, building sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, financial management and fundraising. Each section includes exercises and useful examples. This publication is intended for those starting an NGO and also for small organisations seeking to improve their performance and effectiveness

Engaging local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the response to HIV/AIDS : Community REACH Programme

et al
July 2005

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This paper draws on an extensive literature review of local NGO engagement, the direct experience of Pact's rapid response HIV/AIDS grants programme known as Community REACH and formal and informal interviews with the grantees highlighted in the paper. It considers the lessons learned from the programme and the authors hope that these will assist other organisations to successfully engage local partners and provide guidance to donors and national decision-making bodies. The paper is divided into four sections: the first outlines some successful strategies of local NGO engagement; the second examines local NGO strengths and weaknesses; the third provides advice to donors on effective and sustainable partnerships; and the fourth describes four funding models that harness the strengths of local NGOs to effectively respond to HIV/AIDS

Resource guide for UN theme groups on HIV/AIDS

March 2005

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This guide seeks to pull together global and country frameworks, planning and management tools, good practices and other elements to enhance the contribution of UN Theme Groups on HIV/AIDS to effective national responses

HIV prevention and care with especially vulnerable young people : a framework for action

CHASE, Elaine
April 2004

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This document sets out five core principles underpinning effective HIV/AIDS prevention programming with young people: putting the young person first; promoting meaningful participation; a commitment to rights; promoting gender equity; and tackling risk and vulnerability. It also offers a straightforward guide to priority setting, with a focus on action to reduce risk, action to reduce vulnerability and action to mitigate impact. Examples of successful implementation of this framework are presented in 'HIV prevention with especially vulnerable young people: case studies of success and innovation' (2006). This is a useful resource for policy-makers, practitioners and researchers working to promote young people's sexual health in resource-constrained settings

Renewing our voice : code of good practice for NGOs responding to HIV/AIDS


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This publication outlines a set of guiding principles for NGOs responding to HIV and AIDS and for effective HIV and AIDS programming. It adopts a human rights approach, with an emphasis on meaningful involvement of people living with HIV or AIDS and affected communities. Covers how to build partnerships, accountability and transparent governance, organisational management, programme planning, advocacy, research and scaling up. It also looks in detail at good practices for HIV prevention, voluntary testing and counselling, treatment, addressing stigma and mainstreaming HIV and AIDS within development and humanitarian programmes

On the front line : a review of policies and programmes to address HIV/AIDS among peacekeepers and uniformed services

August 2003

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Paper documents two aspects of UNAIDS' Global Initiative on HIV/AIDS and Securtiy, which focuses on mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS in three core areas: a) international security, with the focus on supporting HIV/AIDS interventions within UN peacekeeping operations; b) national security, targeting uniformed services; and c) humanitarian response, which focuses on vulnerable populations in crisis situations and humanitarian workers. This publication looks at the cases of peacekeeping and national uniformed services

Beyond our borders: a guide to twinning for HIV/AIDS organizations|Depasser nos Frontieres : un guide de jumelage a l'intention des organismes du domaine du VIH/SIDA|Mas alla de nuestras fronteras : guia de hermanamiento para organismos que trabajan en e


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'A Guide to Twinning' enhances the ability of community-based HIV/AIDS organisations to undertake twinning with organisations in other countries. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to make twinning happen. The guide also: - outlines the benefits of twinning, describes the different forms of twinning and lists several examples of past or current twinning projects; - presents lessons learned from existing twinning projects, including the characteristics of successful twinning and challenges associated with twinning projects; and - describes some of the cultural issues that can arise in international twinning projects, including issues around intercultural understanding and communications, North-South dynamics, and language

Disability awareness in action : Fund-raising


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Organisations of disabled people need to have the skills to know where to go for funds; manage money well; budget effectively; and have enough money to keep the organisation running smoothly throughout the financial year. This kit gives ideas about an organisation's funding strategy. The kit shows how to raise and use funds for the work of the organisation. It can also help in putting together a funding proposal