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Promoting inclusion : disabled people, legislation and public policy

DUBE, Tomson
et al

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This report, produced for the UK Department of International Development's Disability Knowledge and Research Program, looks at best practice examples of inclusion, collaboration between DPOs and implementing bodies, gives an appraisal of legislation and policy, and investigates the influence made by disabled people on legislation and policy, looking also at strategies for how best to use and exert this influence

What works? Promoting the rights of disabled children : guidelines for action


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The human rights of disabled children are violated in many ways. These guidelines lay out how they are excluded, abused and neglected. The first part of the publication looks at the stories of disabled children themselves. The second part explains how an effective framework can be developed, how the role of civil society can be strengthened and how the needs of children can be met. The guidelines are useful for disabled peoples' organisations, advocacy organisations and disability non-governmental organisations

Training manual for media and disability rights

HURST, Rachel

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This manual was developed for disabled people’s organisations. It aims to empower disabled people to be recognised by the media in their countries in a positive way. The manual is divided into different training sessions and gives hints for the trainers. It is targeted at disability equality trainers, disabled people's organisations and other people working in disability NGOs

Disabled women : disability awareness in action resource kit


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Disabled women are excluded from society and restricted from participating in many activities. This book describes and addresses the obstacles that disabled women face, in order to facilitate equal opportunities. It is targeted at disabled women, activists and organisations working on gender and disability

Disability awareness in action : Fund-raising


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Organisations of disabled people need to have the skills to know where to go for funds; manage money well; budget effectively; and have enough money to keep the organisation running smoothly throughout the financial year. This kit gives ideas about an organisation's funding strategy. The kit shows how to raise and use funds for the work of the organisation. It can also help in putting together a funding proposal

Disability awareness in action : organisation building


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This kit looks at how organisations of disabled people can improve their structures and the way they work; how they can train and develop individuals to benefit the whole group; and how the organisation itself can then become a better tool for changing the community and the lives of disabled people

Disability awareness in action (DAA)


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DAA is an international human rights network run for and by disabled people. The website is used to pass on information and news to disabled people and organisations. There are links to further information about disability that is available on the Internet, as well as to DAA's resource kits (some are available online) and reports, and the contact details of other disability organisations


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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