Mental health financing : mental health policy and service guidance package

FUNK, Michelle
et al

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80 p

"This module provides practical guidance to assist countries with the financing of mental health care. The aims of the module are to: (1) provide a conceptual introduction to key issues related to the financing of mental health care; (2) set out a step-by-step approach addressing these key financing issues, recognizing that the steps may need to be adapted and tailored to the circumstances of each country; (3) link the steps to activities defined in other modules. The Introduction emphasizes financing as a major driver of the system and indicates the need to integrate this function with policy-making and planning. Steps are then presented to assist countries in their financing efforts. These steps are not intended to be prescriptive or rigid. Instead they identify critical activities related to financing which should be addressed in order to build and sustain a mental health system that meets priority needs and produces desired outcomes. Barriers to mental health financing are also reviewed"
Note: This module is part of a guidance package that consists of a series of interrelated user-friendly modules that are designed to address the wide variety of needs and priorities in mental health policy development and service planning. Its recommended for use by policy makers, service planners representatives or associations of families and carers of people with mental disorders

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