Findings of the orphans and vulnerable children psychosocial survey

et al
Publication Date 
January 2003

The overall goal for the survey was to gather baseline data to facilitate an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Strengthening Community Participation for the Empowerment of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (SCOPE - OVC) project in particular areas of Zambia. Specific study objectives were to: gather information that will describe the impact of HIV/AIDS on children as well as measure the impact that programmes are having on the quality of life of the children; provide information that will be useful in the ongoing development of programmes designed to strengthen the care and support to orphans and vulnerable children, specifically in relation to their psycho-social needs; provide a framework that will show the progression of the SCOPE - OVC project towards its program goals and objectives; and document lessons learned in conducting OVC work as well as in documenting the use of a participatory evaluation process

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