Disability, CBR and inclusive development (DCID), 2012, Vol. 23 No. 3

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Original Research Articles

  • Sexual Health of Women with Spinal Cord Injury in Bangladesh
  • Core Concepts of Human Rights and Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups in the Namibian Policy on Orthopaedic Technical Services
  • Quantitative Exploratory Evaluation of the Frequency, Causes and Consequences of Rehabilitation Wheelchair Breakdowns delivered at a Paediatric Clinic in Mexico
  • Attitudes of Students towards Peers with Disability in an Inclusive School in Nigeria
  • Impact Assessment of a Vocational Training Program for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh
  • Inclusion of Children with Hearing Impairment in Schools: A Survey on Teachers’ Attitudes
  • Assessing Children with Language Impairments: A Study on Kannada, a South Indian Language

Brief reports

  • Efficacy of Family Intervention in Acquired Head-Injury Cases in India
  • Functional Independence and Quality of Life for Persons with Locomotor Disabilities in Institutional Based Rehabilitation and Community Based Rehabilitation - A Comparative Study

Letters to the Editor

  • Perceptions of City Dwellers of Kolkata, India about Speech and Hearing Disabilities

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