Community-based rehabilitation : CBR guidelines

et al

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Introductory booklet: 70 p, ill|Health component: 72 p, ill|Education component: 75 p, ill|Livelihood component: 68 p, ill|Social component: 52 p, ill|Empowerment component: 56 p, ill|Supplementary booklet : 59 p, ill

These guidelines provide an overview of key CBR concepts, indentify goals and outcomes that CBR programmes should be working towards, and provide suggested activities to achieve these goals. The guidelines are presented in seven separate booklets: Introductory booklet, Health component, Education component, Livelihood component, Social component, Empowerment component and Supplementary booklet. This resource is useful for people interested in inclusive community-based development for people with disabilities
Note: Links are provided to the CBR Matrix and MP3 audio files

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