Child needs assessment tool kit : a tool kit for collecting information your organization needs for designing programs to help young children in areas heavily impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic


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December 2001
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The Task Force for Child Survival and Development was commissioned by the Early Child Development Team of the World Bank to develop an assessment tool to help programmes address issues and needs of young families and their children. The tool kit was designed to access the needs of young children (under 8 years old) in communities heavily affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The assessment provides information about the household, family, the main caregiver of young children, each child under 8 years of age, their basic needs (housing, food, clothing, bedding, daily activities, health, education and childcare), and unmet needs. The information from the assessment is intended to be used to design service programmes targeted to the needs of young children and their families
The needs assessment is carried out through the use of a survey of households in the area serviced by the organisation. If a survey of all households is not possible, simple random sampling or cluster survey methodology is used

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