Building capacity to mainstream HIV/AIDS internally : reflecting on CABUNGO's experience with NGOs in Malawi


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July 2005
9 p

Many community service organisations (CSOs) in Malawi turn a blind eye to the impact of HIV and AIDS in their own organisation. This is partly because, although individual staff are highly aware of HIV and AIDS issues, the internal impact on their own organisation is not very visible yet, and costs are unknown. Most CSOs do not yet fully appreciate the extent of what mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in their organisation means. This brief paper contends that if the programming side of an organisation is going to be effective, it is critical for an organisation to put its own house in order and mainstream HIV and AIDS internally. It presents its case study and describes challenges encountered by 23 participating organisations. Lessons for donors, and for CSOs are elaborated

Series:PraxisNote No 13 

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