Ben ni walen : let’s agree and take action|Mobilizing for human rights using participatory theatre

SGANGA, Cristina
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152 p

"This Guide is a basic introduction to using participatory methods for exploring human rights issues with people in rural communities to encourage human rights organisations to adopt a long-term approach to raising human rights awareness Section I presents the background to the writing of the Guide and its context. It explains the approach proposed to mobilise rural communities, and it introduces the different components of participatory research and participatory theatre methodology. Section II contains information on the range of participatory theatre methods, and provides illustrative examples of how to use them to explore human rights issues with rural communities. Background information on the specific human rights issues used as examples is also included. The guide contains basic guidelines and suggestions rather than giving step-by-step directions on how to develop programmes, and users are encouraged to adapt the methods and adjust any part of the Guide to suit their own circumstances. This guide is useful for Human right organisations, theatre directors and group, and community development organisations"

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