An analysis of reading errors of dyslexic readers in Hindi and English

GUPTA, Ashum
JAMAL, Gulgoona

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p 73-86

[Authors' abstract] : The present study examined the nature of reading errors made by dyslexic readers in Hindi and English. A detailed analysis of error type showed 60% and 57% of phonological errors; 15% and 35% of orthographic errors; 25% and 7% of mixed errors; and 0.38% and 0.94% of unrelated errors in Hindi and English, respectively. Further, in both Hindi and English, the majority (65% & 69%, respectively) were the scaffolding errors, followed by the errors preserving the initial phoneme (22% & 23%, respectively), errors preserving the final phoneme (9% & 6%, respectively) and errors with orthographic overlap (4% & 2%, respectively). In Hindi, a far greater percentage of nonword (89%) than word (11%) errors was found, whereas in English, 54% of nonword and 46% of word errors was found. A significant correlation was found between reading accuracy in Hindi and in English. The findings are discussed in terms of linguistic interdependence hypothesis and orthographic transparency

Serial Title:Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal Serial Part:vol. 17(1) 


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