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Packaging Express


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Unit 5 Caxton Trading Estate, Middlesex

Packaging Express is a leading distributor of packaging products who sell packaging essential at your wholesale price all over United Kingdom. From cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, plastic carrier bags, corrugated paper, envelopes, etc. to other industrial packaging supplies, you’ll find everything at one place.

Brent Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre


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122 High Street
London NW10 4SP

Provides screening and genetic counselling to all groups of people. Raises awareness about sickle cell/thalassaemia and other haemoglobin disorders. Educates health and non-health personnel, school children and university students etc. Produces information leaflets and other subject related materials

Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU)

South Africa

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19 Flamingo Crescent
Lansdowne 7780
Cape Town

The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) is an organisation based in South Africa working in the field of early childhood development. The aim of the website is to provide a virtual overview of the organisation and act as an online resource base of information regarding early childhood development. ELRU seeks to build on existing knowledge and skills, promote and provide access to knowledge and skills, affirm and harness the potential of diversity and support those working with young children. It does this through a series of programmes based around inclusion and diversity training, HIV/AIDS strategies, and leadership in early childhood development training. ELRU has had an incalculable influence on pre-school education in South Africa, with virtually all para-professional training either being based on ELRU materials and methods, or being heavily influenced by them. ELRU offers support to educators and others involved in post-apartheid transformation so that they are able to influence and promote change in practical ways. The anti-bias work challenges beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and social and institutional practices which are oppressive. ELRU addresses HIV/AIDS through providing training to parents and teachers, in both urban and rural settings, about the vulnerability of young children and the effects of HIV/AIDS on them and their families. They say that early childhood development (ECD) work provides a logical framework to strengthen and sustain families and projects

Catholic AIDS Action


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P O Box 11525

Namibia ranks as one of the most HIV/AIDS-affected countries in the world. But most people who have HIV don't know they are infected, which means that the disease continues to spread, unabated. Catholic AIDS Action believes that the AIDS pandemic calls for a holistic response, that addresses both prevention and care. There is no time to waste. Since its founding in 1998 as the first national church-based response to HIV/AIDS in Namibia, Catholic AIDS Action has grown to become Namibia's largest and most effective non-governmental organisation in the AIDS field. Thirty trained volunteer groups now provide nationwide home-based family care to people infected with HIV and AIDS. Another 35 groups work on income-producing projects, living programs for people who are already infected, peer support, and outreach. Its prevention program has graduated over 4,000 youngsters in a ten-week UNICEF-sponsored course. It has also established national standards for training and supervising home-based care, as well as care of needy orphans

MyRight, Sweden


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Liljeholmstorget 7A, 117 63 Stockholm, Sweden

MyRight is the Swedish disability rights movement’s umbrella organisation for international development work. MyRight is a politically and religiously independent aid organisation that works to ensure that persons with disabilities are better able to access their rights

Institute of Development Studies (IDS)


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Institute of Development Studies
Library Road

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) delivers world-class research, learning and teaching that transforms the knowledge, action and leadership needed for more equitable and sustainable development globally.

Through equitable and sustainable partnerships, we work with governments, philanthropic foundations, non-governmental organisations, academics and civil society to transform approaches to progressive social, political and economic change in ways that ultimately make a difference to people’s lives.

We have helped foster innovative new partnerships that have generated millions of dollars in additional tax revenues in Africa that can be reinvested in countries’ national development. We have worked to provide solutions to environmental problems that build on local people’s knowledge and practices. We have highlighted the role of local communities in bringing an end to deadly epidemics like the Ebola virus. We have nurtured hundreds of exceptional development leaders and champions including political leaders, country Ambassadors and government officials, civil society leaders and entrepreneurs

ADD International


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The Old Church School
Butts Hill
BA11 1HR

ADD's aim is to support the development of a representative and effective disability movement made up of self help organisations of disabled people, actively promoting the rights of all disabled adults and children for full inclusion in society. It also aims to influence development practices and policy makers to include the rights and needs of disabled people in their work


Previously ADD (Action on Disability and Development)

Inclusion International


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The Foundry, 17 Oval Way
London, SE11 5RR
United Kingdom

Inclusion International is the international network of people with intellectual disabilities and their families advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.  Together they agree on a Statement of Unity (SoU en Español) and are committed to progress towards inclusion International’s vision.

Development Initiatives (DI)


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North Quay House
Quay side
Temple Back

DI has six areas that we focus on to help build a world without poverty that invests in human security and where everyone shares the benefits of opportunity and growth. We work at global, regional, national and subnational levels, with staff across the world, and we have strong relationships with in-country partners. In addition to our significant portfolio of grant funded work, we offer consultancy services to clients who share our aims and values.


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