African Women's Welfare Group (AWWG)


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594 High Road Tottenham
London N17 9TA

AWWG's vision is to advance the cause of African and their families through advocacy, patronage and promotion within the general population and the State apparatus. It aims to bring together a wide range of institutions in health, social services and welfare; to mobilise, harness and maximixe available resources; to understand the variety of beliefs, theories and models of practice in operation and their impact on service provision; and to address inadequacies in service provision and redress poor access to services and amenities



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151 Western Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex RH16 3LH

Impact's aim is that no-one should become disabled through disease, lack of knowledge or shortage of medical services. With effective delivery of today's know-how, it believes that, given the will and resources, it should be possible to reduce by one third the incidence of avoidable disability in developing countries, while at the same time helping to break the link between ageing and disability in industrialised countries like their own

Y Care International (YMCA)


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3-9 Southampton Row
London WC1B 5HY

The international development agency of the YMCA movement. Focuses on the needs and contributions of young people in the developing world, who face the severest of economic and social conditions. They aim to provide financial support for projects that aim to promote self-sufficiency. Funds are chanelled through local YMCAs, which develop projects with their local communities. They aim to broaden the opportunities available to marginalised young people and enable them to escape the poverty trap. They also aim to raise the awareness of development issues in the UK

Outreach|Television Trust for the Environment USA (TVE USA)


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PO Box 820
VT 05482

Outreach Goal: To help improve the lifestyles and the environment of children and the poor in the developing world by supporting community based health and envionmental programmes through the provision of learning materials and by increasing awareness in industrialised countries of global environmenal and health issues, particularly the way in which they affect children and the poor in the developing world

Uganda Reproductive Health Bureau (URHB)


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PO Box 24497

URHB's objectives are to ensure that young people get access to services and information that will improve their health; to provide access to family planning services/skills through direct service delivery, to provide education and information for rural women; to provide essential services in adolescent reproductive and sexual health and counselling; and to provide IEC materials and publications. It runs 2 adolescent health clinics of 10 beds

Mujahid Education Trust (MET)


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PO Box 60
17/194-A M'Square Complex, Pavamani Road
Calicut 673 001

The association works for the economic, educational, social and moral advancement of people, in particular, Muslims, deprived classes, and scheduled castes and tribes. It works for the establishment of educational institutions, training centres, workshops and industries so as to provide employment to women in the deprived sections of the community. It organises programmes to establish cultural centres, hostels, destitute homes, balwadies and nutritional centres, and works for the establishment of hospitals, relief camps and other medical aid programmes. It also organises camps, courses, and literacy programmes for the wefare of children, youth and women; advocates for the publicaiton of periodicals, books and the establishment of libraries; fosters the improvement of the evaluation of socio-economic programmes; and works in the field of drug abuse prevention and addiction

National Office of Family and Population (ONFP)


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42 Avenue de Madrid
1002 Tunis

Aims to control population growth, increase the number of employed people, increase the school population, improve maternal and child health, and control social service expenditure. The resource centre is open to the public

India Development Group (UK) (IDG UK Ltd)


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68 Downlands Road
Surrey CR8 4JF

IDG's mission is to work with partner organisations in India to combat poverty and unemployment in rural areas of India by equipping the rural poor with skills to help themselves achieve sustainable economic viability and to increase their productive participation in community life through self-employment and income generation. This is achieved through working in areas such as appropriate technology, primary healthcare, women's empowerment and working with civil society groups

African Council of AIDS Service Organisations (AFRICASO)


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B P 3370
54 Rue Carnot

Aims to strengthen and network among organisations and groups working on HIV/AIDS at the national and regional levels; advocate for the interests of communittes and community-based organisations working on HIV/AIDS and to promote the development of the capacity of the AIDS service organisations to lobby for their interests; and exchange and facilitate the sharing of appropriate, practical and timely information in HIV/AIDS with and among organisations working onHIV/AIDS in Africa. The resource centre is open to the public

Action Group for Family Health and Development (AGFAHD)

Sierra Leone

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14 Percival Street

Aims to promote health and contribute to the improvement of the general socio-enonomic status of both women and youth. Its objectives are advocacy, information, education and communication activities in support of reproductive health and development issues that benefit the rural and urban community

Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC)


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PO Box 51483

A grassroots community-based Palestinian health organisation. It seeks to supplement the decayed and inadequate health infrastructure caused by years of Israeli military occupation. Its mission is to improve the overall physical, mental and social well-being of Palestinians regardless of racial, political, social, economic, or religious status. Its national health programs emphasise prevention, education, community participation and the improvement of the individual. Its resource centre is open to the public

Centre for Development Studies (CDS)


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4 Ahmad Pasha St (City Bank Bldg)
4th Floor, Garden City

Mission: to support individualised organisations realise their full potential and foster self-determined, self-sustaining change. This mission is premised on our behalf that participation is imperative to learning and change. CDS operate based on a need response mode, with a wide array of stake holders, International society, government and private sector organisations. Our approach relies on bringing stakeholsers to realise and appreciate their interdependence and work together to bring about meaningful change. The CDS resource centre is open to the public