Lumiere Action

Côte d'Ivoire

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14 BP2101

Aims to give psychological and social support to people living with HIV. To provide information to help the prevention of HIV. To fight for the rights of people living with HIV as well as many other discriminations. To promote the access to clinical carre and therapy treatment.
Resource centre open to the public

African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)|South Africa

South Africa

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PO Box 11489
The Tram Shed
Pretoria 0126

Aims to improve the health of disadvantaged people in South Africa. It does this through the development, testing and promotion of appropriate models for improving health; contributing to capacity strengthening at all levels of sustainable health action; and contributing to the development of an enabling environment for health improvement. The Resource Centre is not open to the public

Life Vanguards (LIVA)


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PO Box 2182
Osun State

LIVA's mission is to advance public health knowledge, invest in youth and enhance sustainable human development through education research and service provision. The main goal is to improve the health of the youth, nurture and channel their potentials for sustainable human development. The objectives of the organisation are: To enable youths to make informed decisions about their health through the porvision of information and counseling. To create an appropriate climate for policies and laws neccesary for meeting the needs of the youth. To improve the success of young people to leadership positions. To create alternative life options and sense of self reliance in the youth.

AIDS Care Education and Training (ACET Uganda)


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PO Box 9710

ACET's aims are to build the capacity of local communities / Community based organisations / non-governmental organisations to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS. To foster the development of life skills and quality provision of life skills education for young people. To be a technical resource centre to communities, institutions and international bodies in the development appropriate international responses. The ACET resource centre is open to the public

Stop AIDS Organisation


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Box 5052
Murtala Mohammed Airport
Ikeja, Lagos

StopAIDS aim to prevent and combat the incidence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases by designing and implementing appropriate public education and enlightenment programmes for target populations. To the worried well, we provide care, compromising of medical treatment, counselling and psycho-social support. Also they aim to create awareness amongst women who provide support training in the motor park. Empowering them with appropriate training and retraining of women in the sexual and reproductive health arena. The StopAIDS resource centre is open to the public

National Council of Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe (NCDPZ)


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P O Box 1952

Aims to promote the full integration of disabled persons into society; to promote active participation of disabled persons in the planning, implementation and decision-making processes that affect their own lives; to develop and support grassroots disabled persons in both rurala and urban areas to speak out for their interests and their concerns; and to create a society where all disabled people enjoy equal opportunities

Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC)


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P O Box 16346

The principal aim of USOC is to provide the necessary resources and opportunities for children with disabilities to achieve their potential and lead fulfilling lives. Its objectives are community education about disability, transfer of knowlesge and skills, direct assistance to individual children and support to provision of essential services. The USOC resource centre is open to the public

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)


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P.O. Box 11-8575, Riad el-Solh Square, Beirut, Lebanon

ESCWA provides a framework for the formulation and harmonization of sectoral policies for member countries, a platform for congress and coordination, a home for expertise and knowledge, and an information observatory.

ESCWA activities are coordinated with the divisions and main offices of the Headquarters of the United Nations, specialized agencies, and international and regional organizations, including the League of Arab States and its subsidiary bodies, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

ESCWA comprises 18 Arab countries:Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, the State of Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme


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PO Box 1049
Gaza Strip

GCMHP is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and was established in 1990 and adopts community-based care to tackle mental health problems. It offers community mental health services and clinical care through three clinics. Each clinic consists of a multidisciplinary team. It offers training courses for PHC, health and other professionals. In addition, the Programme conducted and published research related to stress and violence issues. The main target groups are those subjected to torture and violence, women abuse, children and drug abuse.

National Children's Bureau (NCB)


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NCB Book Sales
8 Wakley Street
London EC1V 7QE

The National Children Bureau (NCB) is a charitable organisation that acts as an umbrella body for oraganisations working for children in England and Northern Ireland. NCB offers a range of services to both members and non-members, including: library and information service; conference facilities; event management; consultancy. NCB is also a publisher in the field of children's services and children's studies. Titles can be browsed and ordered via the online bookshop.