Association for Community Training (ACT)


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Villupuram Dist
Tamil Nadu
South India
Chennai, IN

To provide a better future for the marginalized and vulnerable section of Indian society. ACT aims to empower Eunuchs (transgender) women under vulnerability to enable them to realize their rights through education, social and human rights awareness by collective action. To liberate the target people by bringing about a structural change in their socio, economic life.

Challenged Network of Kenya (CNK)


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The organisation aims "to build the capacity of communities comprising of persons with dsabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, youth, women, children, the old and other persons by empowering them through initiatives that enhance better functioning and participation in opportunities for them to have better lives; to empower persons with disabilities in all aspects of life and nation development; to enlighten the community on issues dealing with disabilities and allowing the persons with disability to participate fully; to train the youth and women on income generating activities.

International Islamic Youth League (IIYL)


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Hamadallaye ACI
2000 Road 314 Office No 161
Bamako Mali

The International Islamic Youth League, is an international Non Governmental organization established since 1991, the organization supporting humanitarian and development project in the war affected countries in Africa.

Diversability Development Organization (DDO)


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110 Beavervalley Drive
Brampton, Ontario L7A3W6

DDO implements comprehensive programs and operates as a plug-in-and-play resource for international and local organisations addressing the needs of people with disabilities in less resourced settings, as well as on a local community level. DDO draws from a strong core team, as well as a network of experienced associates, offering program input.

Catholic AIDS Action


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P O Box 11525

Namibia ranks as one of the most HIV/AIDS-affected countries in the world. But most people who have HIV don't know they are infected, which means that the disease continues to spread, unabated. Catholic AIDS Action believes that the AIDS pandemic calls for a holistic response, that addresses both prevention and care. There is no time to waste. Since its founding in 1998 as the first national church-based response to HIV/AIDS in Namibia, Catholic AIDS Action has grown to become Namibia's largest and most effective non-governmental organisation in the AIDS field. Thirty trained volunteer groups now provide nationwide home-based family care to people infected with HIV and AIDS. Another 35 groups work on income-producing projects, living programs for people who are already infected, peer support, and outreach. Its prevention program has graduated over 4,000 youngsters in a ten-week UNICEF-sponsored course. It has also established national standards for training and supervising home-based care, as well as care of needy orphans