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69/3 Van Bao street
Lieu Giai

CENFORCHIL. Is a scientific and technological organization under VUSTA directly. With operational philosophy “Today’s children-Tomorrow’s world” Cenforchil operate for: - Children’s total development - The equality of poor and disabled children - The brighter future of children Cenforchil: - Implement scientific research to assist poor and disabled people. - Organize the vocational training and create job opportunity for poor and disabled people. - Improvement of ability in how to take a good care of children at home. - Mobilizing policy for poor, disabled children

McCam Child Development Centre


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231 Old Hope Road
Kingston 6

McCam Centre, since its opening in 1986, has made its mission to provide an integrated environment based on the development levels for the entire range of children whether they are developmentally gifted or delayed. To provide a community which promotes the recognition and acceptance of the similarities and the differences among us. To changing attitudes and social structures which serve as barriers to children that are viewed as different in the wider community. To the growth and development of its staff who sees the Centre's philosophy as part of themselves. To gaining of ourselves the little extra needed to help each child reach their maximum potential. It is our vision to provide a comprehensive package of services supported by an effective organisational structure, financially stable with a clinical and technical team working to provide best practice at the highest standard for children with exceptional needs including those with disabilities

Muhammadi Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital (MHMCH)


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24 Darakhshan Housing Society
Kala Board
Karachi, Sindh 37

The aim of this organisation is to work in a greater inter regional connectivity for promoting and reinforcing mutual cooperation through exchange of information and doing multidisciplinary research for the advancement of science, education, ethics and human development.

Horana Kapthura Foundation

Sri Lanka

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416 dhammarathana mw
horana, sri lanka.

This voluntary organisation's main target is to help poor children, disabled people and healthcare activities.

Challenged Network of Kenya (CNK)


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The organisation aims "to build the capacity of communities comprising of persons with dsabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, youth, women, children, the old and other persons by empowering them through initiatives that enhance better functioning and participation in opportunities for them to have better lives; to empower persons with disabilities in all aspects of life and nation development; to enlighten the community on issues dealing with disabilities and allowing the persons with disability to participate fully; to train the youth and women on income generating activities.

Dongaria Practibandhi Manab Kalyan Sebahram


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Block: Budge budge- II
Via: Birlapur
Kolkata, West Bengal 743318

This organisation aims to take full responsibility of the nations physically challenged person on hygiene, education, and self-help-ness for whole life. The organisation's objective is to help people with disabilities with continued treatment and training to bring them mainstream in life while maintaining their equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation.