Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)


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33A Islington Park Street
London N1 1QB

MAP works with partners in Palestine and countries hosting Palestinian refugeees to improve the health of Palestinians and disadvantaged communities in host countries. MAP delivers training projects for health personnel as well as health promotion and health service delivery in community based projects. MAP also assists in emergencies and with the rehabilitation of health infrastructure. The MAP resource centre is open to the public

European Forum on HIV, Children, Young People and Families


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111-117 Lancaster Road

This is a multi disciplinary network of 13 collaborating centres in Europe. It includes NGOs, professionals, oung people and government agencies. It promotes the rights and needs and views of children and families. It operates within the UNCRC framework. It provides information, newsletters (5 languages) and bulletins. It conducts inter-country studies and projects on good practice,training and consultancy. It also organises seminars and conferences. Resource centre available on request.

Associaçao Brasiliera Interdisciplinar de AIDS (ABIA)


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Rua da Cangelária 79, 10 andar - Centro
Rio de Janeiro/RJ Cep 20091-020

ABIA is a national NGO with a nationwide programme on AIDS awareness and education. It conducts research on public policy and socio-economic issues concerning AIDS. Specific projects include those aimed at women, schools, the workplace and men who have sex with men. ABIA's resource centre is for ABIA staff and participants at its workshops. ABIA produces Boletim ABIA, which focuses on te work ABIA does at the political level and what the latest political issues related to HIV/AIDS are. It also produces the Portuguese edition of AIDS Action

Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF)


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12 New Circular Road
West Malibagh
Dhaka 1217

The major abjectives of the foundation are: (1) to provide total service to disabled children and adults throughout the country to make them independent and self-reliant ensuring equal opportunities and rights in all spheres of life; (2) Train personnel (at different levels) to provide services and care to the persons with disability in Bangladesh; (3) to establish a centre of excellence with qualified persons carrying out research to develop training programmes, curricula and services

Remedios AIDS Foundation Inc (RAF)


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PO Box EA-84
1066 Remedios Street
Malete 1004, Manila

RAF's vision is of a society where all people, regardless of gender age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or economic status have access to quality sexual and reproductive health care and are able to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights. Their mission is to provide quality sexual and reproductive health information and direct services to people with a focus on vulnerable individuals and communties affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. RAF aim to empower individuals and communities to practice healthy lifestyles and behaviours through the provision of quality sexual and reproductive health information, education and communication (IEC) programs and also to work towards sustained, functional, efficient organisational mechanisms that would respond to the needs of RAF. The RAF resource centre is open to the public

Amani Early Childhood Care and Development (Amani ECCD)|Amani Trust Foundation


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PO Box 11245
Dar es Salaam

Amani ECCD advocates for and facilitates integrated, multisectoral approaches to supporting women, families, carers, educators and communities, in their roles of nurturing Tanzania's socially and economically disadvantaged young children. It calls for a commitment from government, donors and communities to ensure the basic foundation stones for the optimal development of the child. Amani's "Early Childhood Care and Education : Foundations of Development Progamme" aims to improve the commitment to holistic ECD support at all levels to inform the development of integrated and multisectoral support to national ECD policies. Its "Building the Foundations of Development : Tanzanian ECD IEC programme" raises awareness of ECD issues with key stakholders and the wider community through a targeted ECD IEC programme. Amani ECD is also the Secretariat of the Tanzania ECD network, a national network of government and non-government ECD related organisations

Coram Family Trust


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Coram Community Campus
49 Mecklenburgh Square
London WC1N 2QA

Coram Family is a leading children's charity that aims to develop and promote best practice in the care of vulnerable children and their families. It has a reputation for pioneering work in difficult areas. It works to bring about significant improvements in the emotional health and life prospects of children and young people who have experienced trauma and family breakdown, or who are vulnerable and at risk. Its work currently supports children and young people in the care system and families and children in local communities. A number of its services are for children and young people who have experienced trauma and dislocation and are already separated from their families. These include adoption, child contact service and housing & support services. Increasingly its new work is supporting children and families in order to prevent later difficulties and promote positive outcomes. It promotes children's rights and challenges discrimination, as well as promoting children's emotional health and well being through exploring the role of the creative arts in children's lives, particularly for those who are experiencing difficulties

Humiliza Project|Terres Des Hommes


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31 ch. Frank-Thomas
1208 Geneva

The mission of the Terre des Hommes organisations is to work for the rights of the child and to promote equitable development without racial, religious, cultural or gender-based discrimination. To this end, they support development projects designed to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children, their families and their communities. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, constitutes the conceptual framework guiding TDH activities
The Humiliza Project involved the production of a manual that should enhance the capacity of any adults to listen and to talk to orphans or children of terminally sick parents and to understand better their situation and their needs. In such a way, the community improves its capacity to cope with some consequences of AIDS. The main objective of the manual is to improve the capacity of the community to deal better with some consequences of HIV/AIDS. The manual is available on the web (see

Association François-Xavier Bagnaud (AFXB)


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Avenue de la Gare 29
1950 Sion

AFXB is a global activist group. Its activities include support for the Convention on the Rights of the Child, efforts to contain AIDS and diminish the hardship it causes, attempts to improve the situation of orphans and children left out of society's safety net in the world. These activities coupled with vocal interventions and written advocacy statements bridge the divide between those working in the field and decision makers who determine policy and funding
AFXB set up the AIDS Orphans Assistance database (