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784 Memorial Drive
Massachusetts 02139-4613

MSH, a global health nonprofit organization, uses proven approaches developed over 40 years to help leaders, health managers, and communities in developing nations build stronger health systems for greater health impact.  Founded in 1971, MSH has worked in over 150 countries with policymakers, health professionals, and health care consumers to improve the quality, availability and affordability of health services. Working with governments, donors, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, and health agencies, MSH responds to priority health problems such as HIV & AIDS; tuberculosis; malaria; maternal, newborn and child health; family planning and reproductive health; and chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and lung and heart disease.

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH)


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PO Box 30259, Secretariat
Ibadan, Oyo State

ARFH's vision is to ensure the improved reproductive health status of individuals in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. Its mission is to initiate, promote, and implemetn quality community based reroductive health programmes that meet the needs of men, women and youth through training, technical assistance and programme support to individuals ans organisations in Nigeria and eleswhere in Africa. The ARFH resource centre is open to the public

Water Action (WACT)


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PO Box 13367
Addis Ababa

Aims: Support the integration of health education and sanitation programmes with water supply activities to protect the community from water borne and communicable diseases. To tackle the problem of water water of those most vulnerable and needy communities. Reduce the suffering of rural women by alleviating the drudgery of fetching water. Assist participatory environmental protection programmes and small scale irrigation development in order to combat land degredation and increase food production.

Nigerian Medical Forum UK (NMF)


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65 Warden Hill Road
Luton LU2 7AE

Supplements the effort of the government and health professionals in Nigeria and West Africa to improve the healthcare system and the dissemination of health information and education



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The mission of Action is to stimulate and catalyse interest and debate in the environment, health, development and education amongst children, educators and policy makers. It does this through the development of accessible, high quality materials in print and electronic format, about training, curriculum development and networking in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. Action's objectives are to develop and produce environmental, health and development education materials; to improve the quality of teaching and learning about environmental, health and development issues in education institutions nationally and regionally; and to share and network information, ideas, services and resources between agencies with related objectives nationally, regionally and internationally. The resource centre is open to the public

Girls' Power Initiative (GPI)


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PO Box 3663
UNICAL Post Office

GPI trains adolescent girls between the ages of 10 and 18 on issues of sexuality, humanrights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as equipping them with leadership, economic and other life management skills to cope with growing up, enabling them to live an empowered womanhood. The training is aimed at laying the basis to ensure their enjoyment of healthy sexuality and womanhood while taking positive actions towards the realisation of social and gender justice for future generations. Its resource centre is open to the public

Kenema Female Circumcision Project (KFCP)

Sierra Leone

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PO Box 165

Kenema works towards the prevention of traditional practices that affect women and children in Sierra Leone and Africa. It plays an advocacy role and organises workshops on traditional practices that affect women and children

Association of Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA)


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BP 5270 Dakar-Fann

AHILA is a professional association founded in 1984 with now 46 country members and many partners and collaborators worldwide. It aims to improve the provision of up-to-date and relevant information to health and medical workers in Africa; encourage the professional development of librarianship; promote the development of resource-sharing and exchange of experiences and information among African health information professionals; and promote the development, standardisation, and exchange of national databases of medical and health literature produced in the African countries in the form of an African Index Medicus