NAM Publications


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77a Tradescant Road,

NAM exists to support the fight against AIDS with independent, accurate, accessible and comprehensive information. It produces extensive information on treatments,directories of contacts and organisations working in the HIV field, as well as international resources database which is searchable in 6 languages. There is also a searchable database of HIV clinics available in the UK. NAM is the UK's leading specialist HIV / AIDS information provider with international publications including the European AIDS Directory and AIDS organisations worldwide - accessible online at Now NAM works with the International HIV / AIDS Alliance to provide additional international support

AIDS Ile Mucadele Derngi (AMD)


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Fahrettin Altay Saglik Ocagi
Uc Kuyulad

A non governmental organisation with the head office in Izmir and 12 branches throughout the country. They have a resource centre open to the public.



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Brockley Academy, Brockley Lane
Bristol BS48 4AQ

Motivation aim to establish self sustaining wheelchair prduction and distribution services, mainly in developing countries, with the associated training in education and healthcare needed for wheelcharir users to live full and independent lives

Reproductive Health Matters (RHM)


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444 Highgate Studios
53-79 Highgate Road
London NW5 1TL

The RHM journal offers in-depth analysis of reproductive health matters from a women-centred perspective, written by and for women's health advocates, researchers, service providers, policymakers and those in related fields with an interest in women's health. It aims to promote laws, policies, research and services that meet women's reproductive health needs and support women's right to decide whether, when and how to have children. The resource centre is open to the public

Christians Abroad


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Room 233 Bon Marche Centre
241 Ferndale Road
London SW9 8BJ

Aims to help people engage in God's loving purposes through action for world development. It promotes co-operation and the sharing of resources and skills through specific practical tasks

World Health Organization (WHO)


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Avenue Appia 20
CH-1211 Geneva 27

Charged to act as the world's directing and coordinating authority on suggestions of human health, WHO has developed a host of networks and mechanisms for generating data, applying facts to problems and recommending solutions that will lead to sustained improvements in health. The WHO resource centre is open to the public

European Information Centre 'Aids and Youth'|Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NIGZ)


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PO Box 500
3440 AM Woerden

The EIC is committed to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention for youth in the European countries. The EIC highlights and responds to the specific needs of intermediaries working in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health for young people. The EIC supports the improvement of collaboration between professionals, organisations and networlds in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and sexual health for young people through facilitating exchange of information, experience, skills and expertise. The EIC resource centre is open to the public

Escuela Andaluza de Salud Publica


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Campus Universitario de Cartuja
Apdo 2070
18080 Granada

The school is a public health institution. Its mission is to generate, discriminate and apply knowledge in the fields of public health and health service management through its diverse activities in the areas of training, research, consultancy and co-operation for health development. It houses a health promotion resource centre and library that are open to the public, and a reference for the whole of Spain

The Disabilities Trust


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32 Market Place
Burgess Hill
West Sussex RH15 9NP

Provides a range of tailor-made support, care, rehabilitation and accomodation for adults with autism, physical disabilities and acquired brain injury. Aims to offer choices to the individual and to empower each person to take advantage of these choices in safety, but within an environment that is as independent and progressive as possible