Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP)


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Apartado Postal 1188
Guatemala City

INCAP is a Central American institution of technical cooperation, with leadership and scientific-technical excellence, that promotes, facilitates and supports actions that will enable its Member Countries to reach food and nutrition security. In order to promote the Initiative of Food and Nutrition Security, the institutional fields of action are related to the transfer of technology and technical assistance, operational research, training of personnel and strengthening of institutional capacity, mobilisation of resources and development of collaborative works. Also establishing strategic alliances with Central Americsan institutions as well as those outside the region. The INCAP resource centre is open to the public

Movimiento Unificado de Minorias Servales (MUMS-MOVILH)


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Casilla 52834
Correo Central

MUMS-MOVILH promote width and integration concepts about human sexuality. It Demands human rights of sexual minorities and persons living with HIV. It promotes the creation of integration places and spaces. It promotes preventative action about HIV/AIDS and human rights. The MUMS-MOVILH resource centre os open to the public

Asociacion Via Libra


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PO Box 0420
Lima 31

Aims to develop STD/HIV/AIDS primary prevention strategies; to improve the quality of life of people living with AIDS by providing them with integral health care program; and to promote and protect the human rights of people living with AIDS and their families; and to train health personnel in STDs/HIV/AIDS. The resource centre is open to the public



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Roca y Bologna 271
Lima 18

CEDRO's objectives are to promote education and information on all aspects of the drugs problem, highlighting its causes and consequences, in order to contribute to the prevention of abuse. CEDRO believes that the problem of drugs is related, among other causes, to poverty and lack of alternatives. CEDRO has anresource centre that is open to the public

Civil-Military Alliance to combat HIV and AIDS (CMA)


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Route De L'Hopital 20
CH 1180 Rolle

CMA is a technical consulting group addressing HIV/AIDS prevention and training in the military, peacekeeping, police and prison sectors. The Alliance supports HIV/AIDS prevention, behaviour change and training among the "uniformed services", which covers the military, police, paramilitary and peacekeeping forces and the prison services, and their families and communities. The purpose of the Alliance is to promote inter-sectoral cooperationin combatting HIV/AIDS and sexually tranmitted infections through the promotion of effective prevention policies, strategies and training programmes in the uniformed services and emergency relief organisations

Jamaica Association for Persons with Mental Retardation (JAPMR)


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PO Box 224
Kingston 7

JAPMR's mission is to facilitate the total development of persons with mental retardation and other developmetal disabilities so that they can take their rightful place in and contribute meaningfully to society. It also aims to create an environment wherein such persons will be treated with dignity and equality. The Association aims to (1) Create an awareness of the nature of the needs of persons with mental retardation and to assist them in realising their full potential & (2) to promote the prevention of the incidence of mental retardation where posible through public education. JAPMR is a multi-service agency that acccomplishes its goals through a number of programmes/sub-projects. The JAPMR resource centre is open to the public.

Instituto de Educacion y Salud (IES)


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Calle Republica de Chile 641
Lima 11
Jesus Mana

This is a development organisation that aims to improve the health of young people. It runs training programmes to build the knowledge and capacity of public, private and community organisations. It also works with the youth helping them to develop strategies and actions that improve their health. Its resource centre is open to the public

Centro de Estudios Economicos y Sociales de la Juventud (CEPESJU)


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Coronel Zegarra 722
Jesus Maria
Lima 11

CESIP works for the strengthening of civil society and building skills for personal development, community leadership and management, and the exercising of citizens’ rights by women, children and adolescents. Its mission is to contribute to “building citizenship with equity.” CESIP constucts programmes for the benefit of children, adolencents and youth in order to better their chances of taking control of and making their own lives better. The CEPESJU resource centre is open to the public

Drug Action Service (DAS)


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DAS's objectives are to educate about professional issues; to train in order to enhance the skills and abilities needed to implement and maintatin a substance free environment in homes; to develop systems and networks of information and organisation of resources necessary for a substance free work place and work force; to consult and provide support for the establishment and maintenance of substance free work places and work forces; and to raise awareness about the input of alcohol and other in the work place and work force. The resource centre is not open to the public

Group of Prevention of AIDS (GPSIDA)


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Sanatorio Santiago de las Vegas
Carratera al Rincon Km 1 1/2
Cuidad de la Habana

GPSIDA's objectives are to contribute to social support to people affected and infected by HIV; to undertake educative actions to improve the quality of life of HIV+ people; to contribute to an increased knowledge of people about STDs and HIV/AIDS; to contribute to changing people's attitudes and behaviours to decrease their risk of infection; and to contribute to the development of positive attitudes towards people affected and infected by HIV. The small resource centre is not open to the public

Comite Regional de Promociónde Salud Comunitaria (CRPSC)


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Apartido 3267

The Regional Committee for the Promotion of Community Health is a regional network of community-based organisations and movements. It promotes advocacy and training in Primary Health Care through its national coordinating organisation. Present activity is concerned with the defence of the right to health