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BP 3370
54 Rue Carnot

The ENDA Centre is involved in a variety of different projects including; animal traction for water pumping, the use of animal and vegetable waste and oil presses. Runs an AIDS/HIV enquiry service for francophone Africa and is a key networking point for ICASO in West Africa.

Township AIDS Project (TAP)

South Africa

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PO Box 4168
Johannesburg 2000

TAP aims to provide information, educaiton and training in behaviour, communication and change; to provide free information in its resource centre which is open to the public; and to provide support and care for PLAs

Hope Worldwide CI|Centre d'Assistance Socio-Médicale (CASM)

Côte d'Ivoire

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BP 1021
Cidex 06

CASM aims to: Provide comprehensive care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and those affected. Develop a care continum both locally and nationally. Strengthen the community capacity and response to HIV/AIDS. Provide a forum for discussion and information transfer on subjects realted to HIV/AIDS. Use effective participatory prevention strategies among youth and other vulnerable groups. Promote an effective network of NGOs

The AREPP Educational Trust

South Africa

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PO Box 51022, Raedene
Johannesburg 2124

arepp wishes to communicate to achieve a society in which individual members make constructive choices/decisions for healthy mantal and physical growth.development. Positive self image and information ensure sound choices about self in society

AIDS Counselling Trust (ACT)


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PO Box 7225

ACTs aim: To complement government efforts in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and also provide psycho-social support to the infected and affected. ACTSs objectives: Train a wide range of people in counselling, including potential care givers and those in contact with persons living with HIV/AIDS. Provide over the phone and face to face counselling . Identify, mobilise suitable resourse persons in the community who will facilitate the work of ACT. Develop, distribute and use appropriate materials, courses and other resources for the dissemination of informatnion on HIV/AIDS in order to influence behavioural change. The ACT resource centre is open to the public

Mozambique Red Cross


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PO Bix 2986

The Mozambique Red Cross' objective for the next three years is to strengthen the capacity of the host vulneranable members of the population by supporting their development, particularly in protecting their health and improving their social conditions. In order to achieve this objective, the MRCS must first of all strengthen itself, becoming a national association that is capable, strong and independent

Matabeleland AIDS Council (MAC)


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PO Box 1280

MAC provide public education and research on HIV prevention and care. They run a youth programme and workplace programme, counselling, information, training and prevention. Their two resource centres are in `high density housing' areas of Bulawayo. They are open to the public. Actual Address: 97a Josiah Tongagara St.

The Association of People with AIDS in Kenya (TAPWAK)


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P O Box 30583

Aims to offer physicla, psychological and spiritual support to members of the organisation; create awareness of HIV issues in the general public; and advocate for the rights of people infected with HIV/AIDS as well as educating them on their rights. It has aresource centre that is open to the public

Association SOS SIDA|Jeunesse Mobilisee

Burkina Faso

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01 B P 2162
Ougadougou 01

SOS SIDA aim to improve the education of rural and urban population on AIDS and Health and Sexual reproduction. Its objectives are: counselling and voluntary HIV depositing; medical, psychological and social caretaking of people living with HIV/AIDS and HIV fatherless children (children whose parents have died of AIDS). The SOS SIDA resource centre is open to the public

Lumiere Action

Côte d'Ivoire

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14 BP2101

Aims to give psychological and social support to people living with HIV. To provide information to help the prevention of HIV. To fight for the rights of people living with HIV as well as many other discriminations. To promote the access to clinical carre and therapy treatment.
Resource centre open to the public

Life Vanguards (LIVA)


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PO Box 2182
Osun State

LIVA's mission is to advance public health knowledge, invest in youth and enhance sustainable human development through education research and service provision. The main goal is to improve the health of the youth, nurture and channel their potentials for sustainable human development. The objectives of the organisation are: To enable youths to make informed decisions about their health through the porvision of information and counseling. To create an appropriate climate for policies and laws neccesary for meeting the needs of the youth. To improve the success of young people to leadership positions. To create alternative life options and sense of self reliance in the youth.

Family AIDS Caring Trust Masvingo (FACT)


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PO Box 1626

FACT is an AIDS service organisation providing a very wide range of services. These include orphan care, home based care, training and support of educators, trainers and the setting up of support groups for people living with AIDS. It provides health care from its clinic and free medication to people who can not afford to pay. It is also involved in advocacy and lobbying policy makers to provide better health services to the public. The FACT clinic resource centre is open to the public

Luanshya Humanist Society


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PO Box 230
Mpatamatu Luanshya Copper Belt

The main aim of the Society is to promote community-based health programmes such as to teach and disseminate health education information to the community on prevention of communicable disease, promote family planning, to train young people on vocational courses especially design, and tailoring