SHETU (Shirashuni Humanitarian Enhance Territorial Unity)


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Vill & PO: Shirashuni
Thana: Tala
Dist: Satkhira

SHETU aims to build up an infrastructure with the initiative of group members through which they will be able to implement their programme without any help from outside in future. Further objectives include: (1) Establish self-reliant organisation among poor community; (2) work with gender approach to enhance the status of women and men in society and develop their relationship; (3) incorporate local and human resources in developmetn activities; (4) protect natural environment and development progrommes. The SHETU resource centre is open to the public

Gabriela - Department of Women's Health and Services


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PO Box 4386
Manila 2800

Gabriela is an umbrella organisation which campaigns for women and children's issues. It is primarily an advocay group which consists of professional women. They are involved in HIV primarily from a health perspective, especially that of prevention and care. Resource Centre is open to the public

National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)


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PO Box 2943 Manila
2/F SRA Annex
North Avenue
Quezon City

Povides policy leadership and coordination in disability issues and concerns; provides support to and creates opportunies for capability building programmes for people with disabilities (PWDs), their families and communities; advocates for a "rights based" approach in helping PWDs and informs the public about disability concerns; monitors and evaluates programmes/projects for PWDs; conducts research and studies on disability concerns maintains a data bank and referral system; provides technical assistance to heads of government departments on the concerns, views and needs of PWDs; and establishes international linkages for resource generation and exchange of information and expertise. Its resource centre is open to the public

Acupuncture Therapeutic and Research Center (ATRC)


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82-A Malakas Street
Quezon City

ATRC's objectives are to make acupuncture and other forms of traditional medicine more accessible, to define scientifically the therapeutic and preventative capabilities and limitations of these procedures and to encourage acupuncture and traditional medicine in community-based health programmes where appropriate. The ATRC resource centre is open to the public

China Disabled Person's Social Service Advisory Center (CDPSSAC)


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PO Box 2619

In charge of making and implementing the Work Programme for Disabled Persons During the Period of the 10th Five Year National Development Plan, 2001-2005. Disseminates rehabilitation information; offers all kinds of rehabilitation services; has set up a group of national experts to guide the functional training in families, communities and organisations all over China. Also runs various training workshops and conduct applied research projects and international cooperation projects

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (OCAA)


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156 George Street
Victoria 3065

OCAA aims to work in a professional, flexible, responsive, strategic and innovative manner with vulnerable communities so that these communitites can participate in, and take control over their own development. They can do this by working collaboratively with us, the Oxfam International community, and with Oxfam Community Aid Abroad's partners in the field who in turn participate with these vulnerable communitites in their development. Oxfam Community Aids Abroad will achieve for the poor and marginalised, a fairer world in which more of them exercise their basic rights, control their own lives and the environment in which the depend is better sustained. The resource centre is open to the public

Papua New Guinea Institute for Medical Research (PNG IMR)

Papua New Guinea

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PO Box 60
Goroka EHP

The aim of all of the Institute's research is to provide effective interventions, leading to improvements in people's health and the control and prevention of disease. Its research programmes are firmly based in the community, with community-based staff and active involovement from the participating communitites. the resource centre is open to the public

Women's Action for Change (WAC)


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PO Box 12398

Aims to empower women, in particular less privileged women through direct action research and advocacy, enabling them to develop thir full potential to control and direct their lives. Promote shared family responsibility in order to advance the status of the woman. They do this through community theatre group, child care for governement workers' children

Health Rights Initiative (HRI)


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PO Box 15700

HRI is a non-profit, non-governmental private initiative formed to defend, protect and promote health rights in Nigeria. The HRI pursues its objectives through education, research, conferences, seminars, workshops and publication of a newsletter. It has offices in Maiduguni, Abraka dn Lagos

Inter Care (Medical Aid for Africa)


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46 The Halcroft
Leicester LE7 1LD

Aims to support the medical work of African Catholic nuns in rural areas in the specified countries. The support also includes workshops on diabetes and other relevant topics



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151 Western Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex RH16 3LH

Impact's aim is that no-one should become disabled through disease, lack of knowledge or shortage of medical services. With effective delivery of today's know-how, it believes that, given the will and resources, it should be possible to reduce by one third the incidence of avoidable disability in developing countries, while at the same time helping to break the link between ageing and disability in industrialised countries like their own

Disability and Development Partners (DDP)


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Suite 22, Sackville Place
44-48 Magdalen Street
Norwich NR3 1JU, UK

Objectives and guiding principles

Promoting the inclusion of disabled children in education
Supporting Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs)
Reducing poverty among disabled people and their families
Promoting appropriate and low-cost assistive devices and physical rehabilitation
Facilitating South-to-South and regional exchange of information and skills


Our vision

Our vision is a society where disabled women, men, boys and girls – and the most vulnerable and marginalized people – have equal social, economic and civil rights.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, so disabled and vulnerable people can engage and lead initiatives for change and equality of opportunity.

We focus on the needs of vulnerable children and adults, and carers of disabled people, including disabilities that are not so obvious such as deafness and mental illness.

Our approach to partnership is responsive and flexible: we work with our partners to translate ideas into tangible and effective programmes.



Working in partnership is our dedicated priority. Run by and for disabled people, our local partners are best placed to understand their needs and challenges.

We play an essential practical role for our partners in countries such as Ethiopia, Mozambique and Nepal: supporting, developing and realizing projects, raising funds, building capacities in project and financial management, ensuring that objectives are met, and facilitating south-to-south exchanges of experience.

As they work towards a sustainable future, many of our partner organizations have used our partnership as a springboard to funding, independence and success

Outreach|Television Trust for the Environment USA (TVE USA)


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PO Box 820
VT 05482

Outreach Goal: To help improve the lifestyles and the environment of children and the poor in the developing world by supporting community based health and envionmental programmes through the provision of learning materials and by increasing awareness in industrialised countries of global environmenal and health issues, particularly the way in which they affect children and the poor in the developing world