AIDS Community Based Outreach Services (ACOBOS)


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P O Box 6316

Aims to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, their families and communities. Its objectives are to reduce discriminationagainst PLWHAs and their families; to provide relevant and first hand information on HIV/AIDS to Kenyans involving PLAs; to provide comprehensive health to PLWAs their families; and teach skills to PLWHAs for income generation

The Association of People with AIDS in Kenya (TAPWAK)


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P O Box 30583

Aims to offer physicla, psychological and spiritual support to members of the organisation; create awareness of HIV issues in the general public; and advocate for the rights of people infected with HIV/AIDS as well as educating them on their rights. It has aresource centre that is open to the public

Association SOS SIDA|Jeunesse Mobilisee

Burkina Faso

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01 B P 2162
Ougadougou 01

SOS SIDA aim to improve the education of rural and urban population on AIDS and Health and Sexual reproduction. Its objectives are: counselling and voluntary HIV depositing; medical, psychological and social caretaking of people living with HIV/AIDS and HIV fatherless children (children whose parents have died of AIDS). The SOS SIDA resource centre is open to the public

Lumiere Action

Côte d'Ivoire

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14 BP2101

Aims to give psychological and social support to people living with HIV. To provide information to help the prevention of HIV. To fight for the rights of people living with HIV as well as many other discriminations. To promote the access to clinical carre and therapy treatment.
Resource centre open to the public

The AIDS Information and Support Centre (TASC)


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PO Box 1279

TASC aims to support the reduction of HIV infections and AIDS. Its objetives are to reach out to vulnerable individuals and groups, communities and the general public with appropriate HIV/AIDS prevention messages; to work in close collaboration and cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other stakeholders in skills building and networking; to provide a daily voluntary client walk-in service for counselling, testing and education; and to operate a daily telephone help-line. The resource centre is open to the public

Life Vanguards (LIVA)


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PO Box 2182
Osun State

LIVA's mission is to advance public health knowledge, invest in youth and enhance sustainable human development through education research and service provision. The main goal is to improve the health of the youth, nurture and channel their potentials for sustainable human development. The objectives of the organisation are: To enable youths to make informed decisions about their health through the porvision of information and counseling. To create an appropriate climate for policies and laws neccesary for meeting the needs of the youth. To improve the success of young people to leadership positions. To create alternative life options and sense of self reliance in the youth.

Family AIDS Caring Trust Masvingo (FACT)


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PO Box 1626

FACT is an AIDS service organisation providing a very wide range of services. These include orphan care, home based care, training and support of educators, trainers and the setting up of support groups for people living with AIDS. It provides health care from its clinic and free medication to people who can not afford to pay. It is also involved in advocacy and lobbying policy makers to provide better health services to the public. The FACT clinic resource centre is open to the public

Family Planning Private Sector - FPPS (K)


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PO Box 46042

Capacity building for NGOs and CBDs and the private sector, especially in personnel training, supply of equipment and materials and involvement of community members in use of cultural communication in their development.
Actual address: 5th Floor, Longonot Place, Kijabe Street

Tanzania Public Health Association (TPHA)


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PO Box 7785
Dar es Salaam

TPHA's goal is to promote health and prevent disease in Tanzania through sound public health practices. To achieve its mission TPHA undertales to address the following programme objectives: (1) To provide forums for persons interested in public health activities to exchange knowledge and info; (2) to address health related issues affecting the community and to disseminate info relating to public health; (3) to facilitate the development and dissemination of culturally relevant health promotion info to vulnerable groups (4) to promote research in public health related problems; (5) to influence public health policy in Tazania.

Luanshya Humanist Society


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PO Box 230
Mpatamatu Luanshya Copper Belt

The main aim of the Society is to promote community-based health programmes such as to teach and disseminate health education information to the community on prevention of communicable disease, promote family planning, to train young people on vocational courses especially design, and tailoring

Dorothy Duncan Centre for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (DDC)


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4 Cecil Road Greendale

DDC to generally provide resources for, and to promote the welfare and interests of the blind and physically handicapped, and to do all such things as may be incidental or conducive to their attainment. Also work in neighbouring African countries when requested. The DDC resource centre is open to the public. The hospital contains 19 beds

Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC)


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P O Box 16346

The principal aim of USOC is to provide the necessary resources and opportunities for children with disabilities to achieve their potential and lead fulfilling lives. Its objectives are community education about disability, transfer of knowlesge and skills, direct assistance to individual children and support to provision of essential services. The USOC resource centre is open to the public

South African National Council in Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA)

South Africa

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PO Box 663
Auckland Park 2006

SANCA strives to address alcohol and other drug problems in South Africa through the provision of specialised, accessible and affordable prevention and treatment services to all South Africans, thereby enhancing the quality of life and restoring the self-respect and dignity of people affected by chemical substance abuse. The resource centre serves SANCA Alcohol and Drug Centres, the Institute for Heatlh Training and Development, Associate members of SANCA, tertiary institutions, professional social workers in training, private practitioners and the public of southern Africa. It operates on a fee-based system

Child-To-Child Kenya


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PO Box 19859

Aims to promote and preserve the health of communities worldwide by encouraging and enabling children to play an active and responsible role in the health and development of themselves, other children, their families and the community at large. the resource centre is open to the public