Mujahid Education Trust (MET)


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PO Box 60
17/194-A M'Square Complex, Pavamani Road
Calicut 673 001

The association works for the economic, educational, social and moral advancement of people, in particular, Muslims, deprived classes, and scheduled castes and tribes. It works for the establishment of educational institutions, training centres, workshops and industries so as to provide employment to women in the deprived sections of the community. It organises programmes to establish cultural centres, hostels, destitute homes, balwadies and nutritional centres, and works for the establishment of hospitals, relief camps and other medical aid programmes. It also organises camps, courses, and literacy programmes for the wefare of children, youth and women; advocates for the publicaiton of periodicals, books and the establishment of libraries; fosters the improvement of the evaluation of socio-economic programmes; and works in the field of drug abuse prevention and addiction

Club Des Amis (CDA)

Côte d'Ivoire

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06 PO Box 1021
Cedex 1

An association of people living with HIV/AIDS whose aims are to restore the dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS; promote brotherhood and friendship among people living with HIV/AIDS; and assure the social well-being of poeple living with HIV/AIDS

National Office of Family and Population (ONFP)


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42 Avenue de Madrid
1002 Tunis

Aims to control population growth, increase the number of employed people, increase the school population, improve maternal and child health, and control social service expenditure. The resource centre is open to the public

India Development Group (UK) (IDG UK Ltd)


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68 Downlands Road
Surrey CR8 4JF

IDG's mission is to work with partner organisations in India to combat poverty and unemployment in rural areas of India by equipping the rural poor with skills to help themselves achieve sustainable economic viability and to increase their productive participation in community life through self-employment and income generation. This is achieved through working in areas such as appropriate technology, primary healthcare, women's empowerment and working with civil society groups

Ministry of Health


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PO Box 9083
Dar Es Salaam

Formulates policy and health legislation. Plans and implements public health related interventions including proper hygiene and sanitation, immunisation of children under 5, health services for women of child-bearing age, and helath education to ensure healthy lifestyles and health practices. Provides training to key health workers. Coordinates and oversees the provision of clinical services

African Council of AIDS Service Organisations (AFRICASO)


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B P 3370
54 Rue Carnot

Aims to strengthen and network among organisations and groups working on HIV/AIDS at the national and regional levels; advocate for the interests of communittes and community-based organisations working on HIV/AIDS and to promote the development of the capacity of the AIDS service organisations to lobby for their interests; and exchange and facilitate the sharing of appropriate, practical and timely information in HIV/AIDS with and among organisations working onHIV/AIDS in Africa. The resource centre is open to the public

Association for Health and Environmental Dvt (AHED)


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17 Beirut Street
Apartment #501
Heliopolis, Cairo

AHED's objectives are to assist in identifying appropriate strategies and policies in areas of health, disability and environment which particularly respond to the needs of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups; to raise awareness and advocate around these issues through campaigning, dissemination of information and training; to develop the development of grassroots comprehensive interventions and models through which these strategies can be tested, evaluated and lessons learned disseminated; to help strengthen cooperation and integration amongst diferent bodies working in the above areas; and to facilitate and assist in the empowerment of marginalised groups through the development of organisations representing their interests. Its resource centre is open to the public

Centre for Development Studies (CDS)


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4 Ahmad Pasha St (City Bank Bldg)
4th Floor, Garden City

Mission: to support individualised organisations realise their full potential and foster self-determined, self-sustaining change. This mission is premised on our behalf that participation is imperative to learning and change. CDS operate based on a need response mode, with a wide array of stake holders, International society, government and private sector organisations. Our approach relies on bringing stakeholsers to realise and appreciate their interdependence and work together to bring about meaningful change. The CDS resource centre is open to the public

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)


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33A Islington Park Street
London N1 1QB

MAP works with partners in Palestine and countries hosting Palestinian refugeees to improve the health of Palestinians and disadvantaged communities in host countries. MAP delivers training projects for health personnel as well as health promotion and health service delivery in community based projects. MAP also assists in emergencies and with the rehabilitation of health infrastructure. The MAP resource centre is open to the public

Remedios AIDS Foundation Inc (RAF)


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PO Box EA-84
1066 Remedios Street
Malete 1004, Manila

RAF's vision is of a society where all people, regardless of gender age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or economic status have access to quality sexual and reproductive health care and are able to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights. Their mission is to provide quality sexual and reproductive health information and direct services to people with a focus on vulnerable individuals and communties affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. RAF aim to empower individuals and communities to practice healthy lifestyles and behaviours through the provision of quality sexual and reproductive health information, education and communication (IEC) programs and also to work towards sustained, functional, efficient organisational mechanisms that would respond to the needs of RAF. The RAF resource centre is open to the public

Humanitarian Information for All (Human Info NGO)


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Oosterveldlaan 196
B-2610 Antwerp

The Humanitarian Information for All (formerly known as Humanity CD-ROM Project) provides access to a complete library containing most solutions, know-how and ideas to tackle poverty and increase the human potential. To this end, it develops low-cost development & basic needs CD-ROM libraries for developing countries.

Training and Resources in Early Education (TREE)

South Africa

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PO Box 35173
Northway 4065

TREE is a nonprofit NGO that provides training, resources and support to caregivers, parents & communities engaged in Early Childhood Development (ECD), which is the holistic education, care and development of young children from birth to 7 years of age. TREE's aims are to promote and support quality, sustainable, holistic ECD for children in disadvantaged communities; to provide access for adults, who impact on the lives of young children, to quality training in early childhood education, care and development; and to provide access to a range of low-cost resources for ECD. It provides opportunities for women's empowerment, income generation and community development through partnership and cooperation with the Department of Education and other departments at the local, provincial and national levels, as well as other stakeholders, on health, education and welfare issues that affect the young child. It trains approximately 3000 women a year to implement quality ECD programmes in their communities, throughout KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. This training improves the educational potential of approximately 80 000 young children annually, many from remote, impoverished rural areas.
TREE has received funding as part of the Community REACH program to investigate new roles for ECD practitioners in supporting orphans and vulnerable children in KwaZulu-Natal province. TREE will use qualitative and quantitative research methods (focus groups and key informants)_ to assess community perceptions of how OVC can best be supported and nurtured. A manual will be produced in Zulu to assist ECD practitioners to identify, care for and support OVCs