Danish Centre for Technical Aids for Rehabilitation and Education


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Gregersensvej 38
DK - 2630 Taastrup

Aims to contribute to the creation of equal opportunities for disabled people within the areas of rehabilitation, assistive technology, special education and infomation communication technology accessibility. It operates on both a national and international level, in co-operation with disability organisations, government authorities, institutions, research centres and clearing houses, local contacts in the field of rehabilitation and education, and manufacturers and suppliers

World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP)


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World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
Secretariat: Klingenberg 15
5000 Odense C

The World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, WNUSP, is a global forum and voice of users and survivors of psychiatry, to promote our rights and interests.

WNUSP brings together member organizations and individuals from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and North, Central and South America.  WNUSP members are persons, and organizations of persons, who identify themselves as users, ex-users and/or survivors,  as persons with lived experience of madness / mental health problems / psychosocial disabilities and/or have used or survived psychiatry / mental health services.

WNUSP is an organization run and governed entirely by users and survivors, and is the only independent, global, grassroots organization of persons with psychosocial disabilities themselves.

WNUSP advocates for the human rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities worldwide. WNUSPs activities mainly comprises human rights advocacy at the global international level.

WNUSP has ECOSOC consultancy status at the United Nations, and since the start of negotiations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, WNUSP has been involved in this process.

Disabled Peoples Organisations - Denmark (DPOD)


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Blekinge Boulevard 2


Disabled People's Organisations Denmark (DPOD) is the umbrella organisation for 35 Danish organisations of persons with disabilities. DPOD works both at the municipal level, where DPOD has 97 local departments, nationally, and internationally. The purpose of DPOD is to enable persons with disabilities to live a life like everyone else.

Disabled People's Organisations Denmark (DPOD) works to support persons with disabilities to live a life like everyone else.