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100 Church Road
Middlesex TW11 8QE

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency working to see millions of people released from material and spiritual poverty through a network of local churches. Over the last 40 years, we have been gathering knowledge and sharing it with those who want to see poverty reduced and justice restored across the world. 

Tearfund resources are available to download free of charge including training materials, case studies, international magazine Footsteps and more. 

The Learning Zone Provides resources, case studies and advice for grassroots church and development workers and development professionals, and in-depth analysis for policymakers.

Southern African Network of AIDS Service Organisations (SANASO)


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PO Box 6690

SANASO is a network which aims to strengthen the effectiveness and co-ordination of the NGO, FBO and CBO response to HIV/AIDS in the southern Africa region by encouraging information exchange between NGOs and liaison with national AIDS Control Programmes. With a current membership of over 1000 organisations in 10 member countries, network activities are co-ordinated through its secretariat office in Harare.

German Development Cooperation Health Systems Research GTZ-HSR


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PO Box 2406

The programme has the overall objective to improve reproductive health services and facilitate health care reforms in the Southern African Region through health systems research, within the different countries themselves as well as at an inter-country level. Through this regional approach, it will contribute to the strengthening of communication and collaboration between neighbouring countries (South-South co-operation). Special emphasis is laid on practical, decentralised research, which can be directly translated into action.
Resource Centre onpen to the public

Lizie Dan La Main, Union des Areugles de L'Ile Maurice


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Louis Pasteur Street

The organisation aims to help blind people to integrate into society through action across many fields: Education by providing pre-primary and primary teaching in Braille. Vocational Training through the manufacture of a variety of baskets, picture frames, etc. Sports for leisure and competitions. Musical groups offering good prospects to the young by enabling them to become efficient musicians. In the near future the organisation will be offering training in Computer Studies to help them find a job. The resource centre is open to the public

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad (OCAA)


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156 George Street
Victoria 3065

OCAA aims to work in a professional, flexible, responsive, strategic and innovative manner with vulnerable communities so that these communitites can participate in, and take control over their own development. They can do this by working collaboratively with us, the Oxfam International community, and with Oxfam Community Aid Abroad's partners in the field who in turn participate with these vulnerable communitites in their development. Oxfam Community Aids Abroad will achieve for the poor and marginalised, a fairer world in which more of them exercise their basic rights, control their own lives and the environment in which the depend is better sustained. The resource centre is open to the public

Finnish Disabled People's International Development Association (FIDIDA)


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Lintulahdenkatu 10, 00500 Helsinki

FIDIDA is together with its member organizations implementing a programme called the Finnish Disability and Development Partnership, which aims at the full realization of the human rights of persons with disabilities living in the Global South. FIDIDA also offers training and consultation in disability related development cooperation, and lobbies for the mainstreaming of disability issues in national and international development policy

Y Care International (YMCA)


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3-9 Southampton Row
London WC1B 5HY

The international development agency of the YMCA movement. Focuses on the needs and contributions of young people in the developing world, who face the severest of economic and social conditions. They aim to provide financial support for projects that aim to promote self-sufficiency. Funds are chanelled through local YMCAs, which develop projects with their local communities. They aim to broaden the opportunities available to marginalised young people and enable them to escape the poverty trap. They also aim to raise the awareness of development issues in the UK

Disability and Development Partners (DDP)


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Suite 22, Sackville Place
44-48 Magdalen Street
Norwich NR3 1JU, UK

Objectives and guiding principles

Promoting the inclusion of disabled children in education
Supporting Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs)
Reducing poverty among disabled people and their families
Promoting appropriate and low-cost assistive devices and physical rehabilitation
Facilitating South-to-South and regional exchange of information and skills


Our vision

Our vision is a society where disabled women, men, boys and girls – and the most vulnerable and marginalized people – have equal social, economic and civil rights.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, so disabled and vulnerable people can engage and lead initiatives for change and equality of opportunity.

We focus on the needs of vulnerable children and adults, and carers of disabled people, including disabilities that are not so obvious such as deafness and mental illness.

Our approach to partnership is responsive and flexible: we work with our partners to translate ideas into tangible and effective programmes.



Working in partnership is our dedicated priority. Run by and for disabled people, our local partners are best placed to understand their needs and challenges.

We play an essential practical role for our partners in countries such as Ethiopia, Mozambique and Nepal: supporting, developing and realizing projects, raising funds, building capacities in project and financial management, ensuring that objectives are met, and facilitating south-to-south exchanges of experience.

As they work towards a sustainable future, many of our partner organizations have used our partnership as a springboard to funding, independence and success

African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)


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AMREF Book Distribution Unit
Langata Road
PO Box 30125

AMREF aims to improve the health of disadvantaged people in Africa, improve the quality of their lives and reduce poverty. It focuses on six priority intervention areas: HIV/AIDS, TB and Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Malaria; Safe Water and Basic Sanitation; Family Health; Clinical Services, Disaster Management and Emergency Response; and Training and Health Learning Materials. AMREF’s activities include: developing, testing and promoting the adoption of models for improving health and reducing poverty; training and capacity building at all levels; and contributing to the development of an environment that enables health and wealth improvement. AMREF has developed e-centres or online databases, providing access to thousands health information resources, and accessible from AMREF website. It also runs a bookshop offering a wide range of low-cost health learning materials



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100 Church Road
TW11 8QE

Tearfund is a Christian international relief and development agency with more than 40 years' experience. We work with partners and the local church across the world to tackle the complex challenges of poverty. Tearfund is recognised as a leader in its work, integrating community development, disaster response and recovery, disaster risk reduction and advocacy.  Tearfund works in more than 50 countries worldwide, in partnership with communities, churches and local organisations to overcome poverty and injustice. 

CIET International


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511 Avenue of the Americas #132
New York, NY 10011

CIET is an international group of professionals from a variety of disciplines, including epidemiology, medicine, planning, communications and other social sciences, who bring scientific research methods to community levels. By involving people at these levels in information gathering and analysis, CIET helps them to participate, in an increasingly informed way, in decisions that affect their lives. Through both formal and on-the-job training over a series of reiterative survey cycles, CIET shares its collective skills and its methods with national, regional and local planners to help develop local stakeholder information systems and build indigenous capacities for evidence-based planning and action. CIET is also an academic centre, based at the Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero in Mexico that provides formal training in evidence-based planning through short courses and an intensive eight-week course as well as through diploma, masters and doctoral programmes. In addition to New York and Mexico, it also has offices in Nicaragua, Pakistan, London, Ottawa and Johannesburg

Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC )


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Box CY2720

TARSC aims to provide training, research and support services to civic organisations in areas of social policy. TARSC and the Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre (IHRDC) have developed a toolkit of materials on participatory reflection and action (PRA) methods for research and training for a people centred health system. TARSC publications can be downloaded online

Southern African AIDS Training Programme (SAT)


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SAT Regional Office
PO Box 390 Kopje

The Southern African AIDS Training Programme (SAT) is a regional collaboration that supports community responses to HIV and AIDS through in-depth partnerships and wider networking, skills exchange and lesson sharing throughout the region. SAT funding and skills building activities support partners in a wide range of relevant activities - HIV prevention, HIV and AIDS care and support, impact mitigation, networking and information exchange, HIV-related advocacy on gender and human/child rights. SAT partners are operating at community, national and regional levels The SAT Programme is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA). SAT is managed from the regional office located in Harare, Zimbabwe

ActionAid International

South Africa

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PostNet Suite No 248
Private Bag x31
Saxonwold 2132

ActionAid International works in 35 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Through long term development, relief and peace building work, ActionAid aims to secure lasting improvements in people's quality of lives and to support poor and marginalised groups to secure their basic rights to live a more fulfilled and dignified life. ActionAid works in partnership with over 2,000 civil society partners ranging from village-based AIDS support and women’s credit groups to national peasants’ movements and global education campaigns. ActionAid also works with national and local governments in poor countries to ensure that they respect, protect and fulfil their citizens’ human rights. ActionAid’s work reaches 13 million of the world’s poorest people and it employs 1,800 staff - 90% of them from developing countries

Mulher Lei e Desenvolvimento (MULEIDE)


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Avenida Paulo Samuel Kankomba
No 2150

MULEIDE aims to raise the status of women through the dissemination of information on legal rights, campaigning against discriminatory laws, registration of births and marriages and training of community-based para-legal advisers. They provide training on HIV and STD prevention and work with PWA groups providing income support.