Intersectionalities - A Global Journal of social work analysis, research, research,policy and practice

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"Focus and Scope


The purpose of this journal is to share knowledge and facilitate collaborative discourse amongst social work theorists, practitioners, educators, activists, researchers, and the community members they serve within local, regional and global contexts. The journal seeks to promote social justice by providing a forum for addressing issues of social difference and power in relation to progressive practise, education, scholarly inquiry, and social policy.


The journal aims to underscore issues relating to oppression, privilege and resistance in society and social work. Of critical consideration are the ways in which intersections of age, disability, class, poverty, gender and sexual identity, madness, spirituality, geographical (dis)location, rurality, colonialism/imperialism, indigeneity, racialization, ethnicity, citizenship and the environment are enmeshed in processes of social justice and injustice."

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