Grupo de Apoio e Prevencao a AIDS-Bahia (GAPA-BA)

Rua Colômbia 44
Santos - SP

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(013) 2138 9679 - (013) 3222 3109

GAPA Bahia aims to contribute to the reduction in the level of HIV; to offer psychosocial support to people living with HIV; to press for the respect of human rights in social policies and to respond to AIDS within their public health programmes. They run a telephone hotline; distribute free condoms to low income communities; produce publications; have a resource library that is open to the public; run publicity campaigns; and train school teachers in AIDS education. Specific education campaigns are with low-income sectors, trade unions, men who have sex with men, sex workers and NGO training. They provide pre- and post-test counselling, occupational therapy for PWAs and a legal advice service for PWAs

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