Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU)

19 Flamingo Crescent
Lansdowne 7780
Cape Town

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+27 21 762 75 00

The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) is an organisation based in South Africa working in the field of early childhood development. The aim of the website is to provide a virtual overview of the organisation and act as an online resource base of information regarding early childhood development. ELRU seeks to build on existing knowledge and skills, promote and provide access to knowledge and skills, affirm and harness the potential of diversity and support those working with young children. It does this through a series of programmes based around inclusion and diversity training, HIV/AIDS strategies, and leadership in early childhood development training. ELRU has had an incalculable influence on pre-school education in South Africa, with virtually all para-professional training either being based on ELRU materials and methods, or being heavily influenced by them. ELRU offers support to educators and others involved in post-apartheid transformation so that they are able to influence and promote change in practical ways. The anti-bias work challenges beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and social and institutional practices which are oppressive. ELRU addresses HIV/AIDS through providing training to parents and teachers, in both urban and rural settings, about the vulnerability of young children and the effects of HIV/AIDS on them and their families. They say that early childhood development (ECD) work provides a logical framework to strengthen and sustain families and projects

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