Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation and Research Centre

Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust
Vikas Marg
Delhi-110 092

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+91 11 2215 1286 / 2214 2173 / 2237 5205

Amar Jyoti provides rehabilitation services with the following objectives: creating opportunities for education, medical care, vocational training and employment of disabled people; organising integrated cultural and sports activities for all round development; mainstreaming disabled people for equality and dignity. Its activities include the organisation of mass contact programmes, awareness generation through health Melas (fairs), pilot study programmes resulting in early intervention, and the dissemination of health education through puppet shows, street theatres, handbills and posters. Its resource centre is not open to the public
Amar Jyoti prints the Hindi edition of Disability Dialogue (Akshamata Samrad) and the newsletter Reaching Out
Amar Jyoti documents lessons learned through its work by writing time bound reports and taking photographs. Key lessons that have been learned learned are the importance of community and family acceptance of disabled people and the importance of providing disabled people with information on health, medical and rehabilitation services. Knowledge and experience sharing is done with most NGOs working in operational area. Sharing lessons learned takes place through the placement of foreign experts in the organisation, workshops for staff development organised by foreign agencies and its through publications

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