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Source E-Bulletin, Disability and Inclusion

Autumn 2018

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This email bulletin is a selection of 25 resources recently added to the Source collection on Disability and Inclusion. To search the full collection, visit:
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Selection of 25 resources uploaded recently on Source, click on the title to see the full content:

1. Global Disability Summit 2018: Summary of commitments and  Commitments - Department for International Development (DFID), London - August 2018

2. Missing millions: How older people with disabilities are excluded from humanitarian response - SHEPPARD, Phillip, POLACK, Sarah and McGIVERN, Madeleine, HelpAge International, London - July 2018

3. Bridging the Gap: Examining disability and development in four African countries. The case for equitable education - GROCE, Nora et al, Leonard Cheshire Research Centre, London - June 2018

4. Assistive products for children with disabilities guide - UNICEF - March 2018

5. Gender and disability intersectionality in practice: Women and girls with disabilities addressing discrimination and violence in Africa (Making it Work) - ADAMS, Lisa et al, Humanity & Inclusion (HI), Lyons - March 2018

6. African Disability Rights Yearbook, volume 5, 2017 - NGWENA, Charles et al (Ed), Pretoria University Law Press (PULP), Pretoria - 2017

7. Employment outcomes of skills training in South Asian countries: An evidence summary - ILAVARASAN, P Vigneswara, KUMAR, Arpan K and ASWANI, Reema, EPPI-Centre, London - November 2017

8. Disability in humanitarian context: A case study from Iraq - Humanity & Inclusion (HI), Lyons - June 2018

9. Wheelchair service provision course - Physiopedia - 2018

10. Disability and inclusive education: A stocktake of education sector plans and GPE-funded grants - BANHAM, Louise and PAPAKOSTI, Elena, Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Washington - March 2018

11. Medbox: Disability toolbox - Medical Mission Institute, Wurzburg

12. Addressing the rising prevalence of hearing loss - World Health Organisation (WHO), Geneva - February 2018

13. Improving social inclusion and empowerment for people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries: why does it matter and what works? - WHITE, Howard et al, and Improving educational outcomes for people with disabilities in low and middle-income countries: why does it matter and what works? - KUPER, Hannah et al, Department for International Development (DFID), International Centre for Evidence in Disability (ICED) and Campbell Collaboration,   London and Oslo - July 2018

14. Guidance on disability inclusion for GBV (gender based violence) partners in Lebanon: outreach, safe identification, and referral of women, children and youth with disabilities - Women's Refugee Commission and UNICEF Lebanon, New York and Lebanon - February 2018

15. Digital Accessibility Toolkit - Christian Blind Mission (CBM), Bensheim - May 2018

16. Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development Vol 1, No 29 (2018): Spring 2018 - VU e-Publishing, Amsterdam - Spring 2018

17. Where there is no psychiatrist A mental health care manual (2nd edition) - PATEL, Vikram and HANLON, Charlotte, Royal College of Psychiatrists, London - March 2018

18. Livelihood opportunities amongst adults with and without disabilities in Cameroon and India: A case control study - McTAGGART, Islay et al, PLoS One, San Francisco - April 2018

19. Assistive technologies in developing countries - ROHWERDER, Brigitte, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton - March 2018

20. Standard school eye health guidelines for low and middle-income countries - GILBERT, Clare et al, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), Hyderabad - February 2018

21. Disability and climate resilience research project - KETT, Maria and COLE, Ellie, Leonard Cheshire Research Centre, London - August 2018

22. Disability inclusion policy brief: Gap analysis on disability-inclusive humanitarian action in the Pacific - SHERRER, Valerie et al, cbm New Zealand and Pacific Disability Forum, Auckland and Fiji Islands - January 2018

23. African Journal of Disability (AJOD), Vol 7 (2018). Special collection: Disability and inclusion in Africa - The role of assistive technology - AOSIS Open Journals, Cape Town - 2018

24. Disability inclusion and accountability framework - McCLAIN-NHLAPO, Charlotte et al, World Bank Publications, Washington - June 2018

25. Education and disability: Analysis of data from 49 countries - UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Montreal - March 2018

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