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Source E-Bulletin, Disability and Inclusion

Winter 2019

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This email bulletin is a selection of 25 resources recently added to the Source collection on Disability and Inclusion. To search the full collection, visit:
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Source E-Bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

1. Paediatric blast injury field manual. THE PAEDIATRIC BLAST INJURY PARTNERSHIP, The Paediatric Blast Injury Partnership, 2019

2. Disability Inclusion Helpdesk; Evidence digest. Issue 2, November 2019. SDDIRECT, Department for International Development (DFID), London - Nov 2019

3. World report on vision. WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO), World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, 2019

4. Guidelines. Inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action. IASC TASK TEAM ON INCLUSION OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES IN HUMANITARIAN ACTION, Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) - Jul 2019

5. Global disability summit: One year on – accountability report 2019. EQUAL INTERNATIONAL, Department for International Development (DFID), London - Sep 2019

6. Making the future of work inclusive of people with disabilities. ILO GLOBAL BUSINESS AND DISABILITY NETWORK and FUNDACION ONCE, International Labour Organization (ILO) and Fundación ONCE, Geneva and Madrid - Nov 2019

7. Scaling up inclusive approaches for marginalised and vulnerable people. K4D emerging issues report, CARTER, Becky, JOSHI, Anu and REMME, Michelle, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, Jul 2018

8. Health economic evaluation in orthotics and prosthetics: a systematic review protocol. CLARKE, Leigh, DILLON, Michael and SHIEL, Alan, Systematic Reviews, BioMed Central, London, Jun 2019

9. DRPI Aware: Roadmap to Work. A model for persons with disabilities. RIOUX, Marcia et al. Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI), Toronto - Jan 2019

10. Towards independent living: Collecting examples from Europe. ANGELOVA-MLADENOVA, Lilia, European Network On Independent Living (ENIL) and European Disability Forum (EDF), Dublin and Brussels - Mar 2019

11. Disability and armed conflict - Geneva Academy briefing no.14. PRIDDY, Alice, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Geneva - Apr 2019

12. Rehabilitation for the realisation of human rights and inclusive development. COLE, Ellie et al, Humanity & Inclusion (HI), Lyons - Jul 2019

13. Creating an inclusive school environment. DOUGLAS, Susan (Ed.), British Council, London - 2019

14. Rating early child development outcome measurement tools for routine health programme use. BOGGS, Dorothy et al, Archives of Disease in Childhood, BMJ Publishing Group - Jan 2019

15. ISPO 17th World Congress. Basics to Bionics. Kobe, Oct 2019. Abstract book. International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO), Brussels - Oct 2019

16. India’s disability estimates: Limitations and way forward, RAKHI, Dandona et al., PLOS ONE, San Francisco, Sep 2019
17. Adolescents with disabilities: Enhancing resilience and delivering inclusive development. JONES, Nicola et al., Overseas Development Institute (ODI), London, Jul 2018

18. Mental health, maternal health and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Disability Inclusion Helpdesk report No. 11. HAEGEMAN, Emma and PALFREYMAN, Alexis, Disability Inclusion Helpdesk, London - Jun 2019

19. Good for business. Promoting partnerships to employ people with disabilities. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) and Leonard Cheshire Disability, Lyons and London - Apr 2018

20. NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US! Cooperation with organisations of persons with disabilities in community programmes A learning guide. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, Vienna - Jun 2019

21. Developing inclusive practices through action learning: Inclusive education cross-country peer-review of Bangladesh (Hope project) and Indonesia (IDEAL project), GRIMES, Peter and HEIJNEN-MAATHUIS, Els, Save the Children UK, London - Apr 2018

22. Manual on community-based mental health and psychosocial support in emergencies and displacement, SCHININA, Guglielmo (Ed), International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Geneva - Jul 2019

23. Report on SDG implementation in line with the UN CRPD in Vietnam. ACDC VIETNAM, VIETNAM FEDERATION OF THE DISABLED and SALELKAR, Amber, International Disability Alliance (IDA), Geneva - 2019

24. Uniting to combat neglected tropical diseases 2018 Action Framework Report, UNITING TO COMBAT NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES, 2018

25. Bridging the mobile disability gap in refugee settings. DOWNER, Matthew, GSMA - Sep 2019
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