Menstrual hygiene : breaking the silence | Beyond construction : use by all|A collection of case studies from sanitation and hygiene promotion practitioners in South Asia

AHMED, Rokeya
YESMIN, Kabita
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283-287 p

This paper provides information about an awareness-builidng programme from WaterAid Bangladesh focusing on the issue of menstrual hygiene. It highlights the incorporation of menstrual awareness and management in sanitation and hygiene programmes. This paper is useful for people interested in menstrual hygiene issues

South Asia Sanitation & Hygiene practitioners’ workshop
29-31 January 2008
Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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This is a good awareness programme started in the issue of women's menstrual hygiene, which is a big issue in many parts of the countries. Maintaining sanitations is important for everyone. I think these kind of social awareness programmes should be conducted in order to spread the awareness and for changing the behaviour regarding maintaining cleaniness and sanitations for the good health and wellbeing. You may also read more about menstrual hygiene from here,